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GF Rating


Quite a good game!

posted by Yourgamer123 (STATESBORO, GA) Aug 29, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

28 out of 33 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

The game was overall good. I surely liked it! It has an absolute great story line, if you are one of them people like me, who loves a game with a great story behind it? This is your game! The graphics on the other hand don't quite meet up to the standards of the story line. The graphics aren't bad.. but I wouldn't say they're excellent. I kind of came into the game thinking of the new Grand Theft Auto game graphics or something. I completed this game in 4 or 5 days. That's just me, but there's a great deal of side missions i've yet to complete! So, technically i'm not finished! This is an excellent way to hold you over until another game comes out or something. But I mean, if it's a "buy" or a "rent". I'd have to go with rent! Because, well, I hardly ever buy games. :P

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GF Rating


Great Game!

posted by branden009 (SYLMAR, CA) Aug 14, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

34 out of 43 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

Sleeping Dogs has a decent story and dialog which keeps the game interesting throughout. It's entertaining to see the main character (Wei Shen) infiltrate a triad street gang and take it down from the inside. The voice acting isn't amazing, but doesn't take away from the experience.

The open world if full of things to do (karaoke, gambling, helping people... even chicken fighting) It's fun following the main missions, but it's also fun to steal cars/bikes and explore the map looking for hidden suitcases and shrines (which help you level up, find items and money). It's amazing how much content there is in this game. Plus it's great to see an open world game full of people. You can't interact with everyone, but the city always feels alive with hundreds of NPCs wandering about.

Graphics are great most of the time, but if you look closely there are some areas that could be more detailed. Lighting and weather effects like rain look sharp. However, walking into stores and other locations you can see how pixelated the textures can be sometimes.

The Combat system is fun and challenging. You have some basic combos at first (there are skill tree upgrades later), counters, and grabs. The grabs are especially entertaining because you can throw enemies into environmental hazards like phone booths, air ducts, fans, and vending machines.

It seems impossible to become bored while playing Sleeping Dogs. This is definitely one of those games you pick up and lose track of time. One of the best rents I've made in a while.

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GF Rating


A decent game.

posted by Jambigrunge (SACRAMENTO, CA) Sep 1, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Let me start off by saying that I genuinely had a fun time playing this game. The story line was compelling & the side missions were an enjoyable break. That being said, this game does not live up to it's hype & it's flaws prevent it from being all it could have been. Personally my biggest problem with the game is the massive holes in continuity. For instance, at one point in the main story you meet an American tourist who shows an obvious romantic interest in Wei. One would expect this to blossom into something significant but it doesn't. The second (& last) time you meet her, she's wearing a completely new outfit that Wei supposedly bought her even though you've literally only seen her once & after their date, she literally disappears from the game. These kind of scenarios crop up throughout the entirety of the game & make it near-impossible to have a cohesive understanding of Wei's story. Another issue is the fact that major story characters seem to pop out of nowhere & then become critical to the game. In fact, the main antagonist isn't even shown until you're two-thirds done with the game. The entire cast is extremely forgettable & characters fade in & out of existence it seems. Apart from the story, the gameplay itself is pretty good...except for anything involving firearms. Wei doesn't even have access to guns until about halfway through the game & at that point when he finally is able to acquire them, you realize how awful the shooting actually is. The guns themselves seem largely inadequate since it'll usually take you a whole clip to take down an enemy & by that point you'll probably be soaking up bullets since the cover system is ineffective against multiple enemies. The guns also seem very weak when they are fired & don't have that "realistic feel" FPS players will be accustomed to. All in all, this game is good, but it's not worth the buy.

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