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GF Rating


DLC Killed This Game =/

posted by THE1nONLY (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jan 24, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

If it wasn't for all the dlc for this game I would give it a solid 8. I DON'T like dlc because it should already be in the game. If I would have bought this game new on release $60 and then had to spend more out of pocket for dlc, the game would come out to be around $100. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

That said the game is really fun to play. The fighting in this game is AWESOME! I wouldn't change anything about it but just add more moves and that's it. The parkour/free-running is SICK but the only thing wrong with it was that there was no jumping button. You can only jump if your near a wall/car/fence/ledge. I like the driving mechanics because it makes it fun to drive and not have to take taxis whenever I want to go somewhere like in GTA 4. I like the shooting its simple and really fun...when you can get a gun. Yes this game is more of a hand to hand to combat based game with ALOT of driving and very little shooting. The story was very short for me which I was kinda disappointed with. I beat this game in about 28 hours that's including random driving and looking to kill people to get cops to chase me lol :)

All in all this game was okay but the glitches, lack of car customization, shortage of gun locations/gameplay, short story and STUPID dlc I have to give it a 5. Come on $30+ of DLC...#%$& >=[

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posted by playstationkid (BROOKLYN, NY) Jan 24, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

Sleeping Dog is an great fighting game, but everything else feel fake , the driving , the shooting and even the acting.For example when your driving your car it feels like your driving a RC car in GTA Sanandreas . when you beat the game you do not have that much to do because the map is not that fun except if your going around beating up people, but overall if you love fighting games you will fall in love with sleeping dog.

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good game..........but it could have been great

posted by Brian1989 (FLORENCE, AL) Jan 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2010

I actually really enjoyed this game, i liked the focus on hand to hand martial arts combat. but i did have a few let downs.

Let's start with the controls, they're passable. i thought the combat controls were pretty well done. reminded me of arkham city combat, but not nearly as smooth. driving is fun but i feel both of these aspects of the game suffered from a clunky camera.

The graphics are good enough, but their not gonna blow you away. I did think they did a good job on the sound though. the ambiance sounds of hong kong are done really well.

I was really disappointing with the story. i though it started out alright but i feel they really failed to capitalize on something that had potential. i really though they could have done a great climax where Wei's two different worlds clash......but that epic moment never really comes. during the final cinematic i literally was just thinking to myself how bad the story of the game is. it's basically a badly written kung fu action movie.

Overall it's an enjoyable game, but i found myself getting bored of it towards the end of the game. but it's worth a rent.

Story 5
Graphics 7
Sound 8
controls 8

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