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GF Rating

Very Good

Not many cons in this one

posted by mdwow (NICHOLASVILLE, KY) Jan 27, 2013

Member since May 2011

This game is one of the top games of the year for sure the fighting is awesome, the story is very well thought out, and the side missions are just as good. Worth the buy price if you ask me unfortunately I have to save money for other things though. Definitely worth renting though

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GF Rating


Not a Huge Revelation ...But So Far Not A Sleeper

posted by Selectfew (MONTICELLO, FL) Jan 27, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

I will list it simply : I have not completed the Game , yet I have had a good experience thusfar. Details:

You Can Buy Cars and Clothes

Open World Map , none of this "Linear" Garbage

Cell Phone and Some Customization etc.

Thusfar a pretty good game. A Definate rental.

My only concern again , is on some of these games : Does pretend violence really make it a Totally ADULT GAME? IF you like GTA , Youll Like this as well , with a Kung Fu twist :) I just missed 2 things : 1. Want to buy something besides cars ...Houses maybe? Spend Money around town ? After all youre a Triad right? And 2 Some Real Mature Content Again , if youre a BAD GUY?

FINAL VERDICT: Rent and perhaps , just perhaps keep

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GF Rating


Try It For Yourself

posted by GenesisDX (KENNESAW, GA) Jan 24, 2013

Member since Oct 2005

Don't be so quick to pass this game off as a GTA knockoff. Sure, it's a sandbox game set in an inner city, but the similarities basically stop there.

In this game you play as an undercover cop who goes by the name of Wei Shen that, (surprise, surprise) gets in too deep. The story may not be the most exciting part as there are not anything you couldn't see coming, but it is a good motivator to get you from one mission to the next. The voice acting is top notch and plenty of memorable characters. By the end of the game you will be still be referencing the ol' salty style.

This game takes inspiration from martial arts movies, from the moves Wei Shen pulls off to stun his opponents, to the outfits that can be unlocked. The fighting is fluid and fun and just challenging enough to keep you engaged. It is also great using the environment to perform some truly brutal finishes. With that said, it is hard not to notice the influence the Batman series had on this game.

The shooting can be dull and frustrating at times but it gives a good feeling when you leap over cover and put a few bullets in your enemies' heads while in slow motion. Other than that there are plenty of side missions and collectibles to keep you busy. The online leaderboards can also be a lot of fun when competing against friends in who can do the most jump kicks in a row, among various other things.

In all I gave this game a 7 because I enjoyed my time in HK but there were a few things that were lacking. I hope for a sequel that can one day make it an equal competitor against GTA.

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