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GF Rating


Lots of game play with this one.

posted by raiderhuskers (LINCOLN, NE) Mar 19, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Easy game to learn so its not only for true gamers but also the novice players as well. Lots of things to do races, collectables, cops missions, triad missions, favor missions and many things to find and collect. Maps are huge and pretty much available from the get go. You can drive almost any car in the game from the start just knock someone out and take their car sweet man sweet. Very similar to the GTA series. Play it man. sony id raiderhuskers

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GF Rating

Very Good

great game must try

posted by legitgamer (DALLAS, TX) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

this game has good graphics compare to other games but not the greatest if you like saints row series as i do myself you will like it

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good Gameplay, Uninteresting story.

posted by ragingonion (ORLANDO, FL) Mar 16, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I'm big on story when it comes to games. So much so that even if the game play is great, if the story sucks, is boring, or is sending a message that is false and/or stupid, I hate it. Keep that in mind when you read this review.

I knew that this game was not going to be as great as GTA 4. I still, however, expected it to be an all over good game. The game play is good. The hand-to-hand combat is fun, the gun play is okay, and the driving could be better. All in all, I have no real complaints in that respect. What got me was the story. I got bored with it halfway through and just stopped playing. Which isn't normal for me. You'd think Wei, as an undercover officer, would have more reservations about the criminal activity he was involved in. I thought he would. After a while the whole game turned into making money, driving fast cars, and banging every floozy in town. It never showed the pitfalls and trappings of a life of crime, like GTA 4 did. It didn't really portray that life realistically, so I lost interest. Maybe if I had stuck it out, it all would've payed off in the end; but I wasn't willing to stick it out that long.

So, If you're looking for a game like GTA 4, this is it. If you love a well written game that has a similar deep story and colorful characters as GTA, pass.

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