Rent Sled Shred for Wii
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Sled Shred


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GF Rating

19 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Sled Shred
Control Stick
Up = Lean Forward. Increase Speed. Left = Lean. Steer Left. Right = Lean. Steer Right. Down = Lean Back. Slow Down.
Control Pad
Up = Throw Snowball. Front Flip. Left = Shove Left. Left Roll. Right = Shove Right. Right Roll. Down = Special Attack. Back Flip.
A Button
Jump. Speed Boost (Hold).
B Button
Throw Snowball. Front Flip.
Shove. Barrel Roll.
Run with the Steel Runner or Bobsleds. Perform a Barrage or Toboggan Special Attack.
Create Tornado
Wave Wii Remote in a circle.