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GF Rating

Very Good

Nice Game...Like the Way It's Built in Cries&Story

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) May 19, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

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Sky Gunner isn't a game all people would know,but it's quite a magnificent title.You play as three gunners as they try to stop a pony-tail dude named
Ventre from stealing precious artifacts.

-Ciel is the primary protagonist and leader of the group.You could tell,because the animated clip shows him falling from the sky along with feathers,too.He has normal stats,including his special,Heavy Fire.

-Copain is one of the major supporting charaacters.I haven't gotten to him yet-I'm still trying to beat Femme's story-but he's at the hardest difficulty.So, I don't know much about Copain's special.

-Femme is the second-major supporting character. She comes in third in the animated clip.She has the best plane,so,in conclusion,she is the easiest to control.Her special,Active Turn,helps make a comeback on the enemies.

The way the plot is controled is similar to a
manga you read.Panels come up,so the characters only interact through these scenes.They never speak through 3D,and it makes sense,because they look like puppets (well,Ciel does.)However,the
scenery is splendid.
Gameplay reminds most gamers of Star Fox.You know,
you fly around,shoot some guys,collect cash,that
kinda stuff?Well,that's Skygunner. It's like a past version of Nintendo's daring fox friend's series.
But my favorite part is when they speak.See,I've
been playing most games involving ground-to-ground
combat,puzzels,and sidescrollers,so they hardly use navy terms. It's not required.But here... It's awesome!I like the way they talk about tanks and formations,and all that stuff.That's kind of cool
to me,if you hardly play aerial shooters.
In conclusion,Skygunner is a divine game to play if you're new to shooters,and even that,you'll like the way they talk about 'enemy formation',
'security points,' 'engine rooms,' and sometimes,
Ventre's litte slaves.They're kind of funny!
Get this as a buy,not a rent!

PS-I think Ciel's kind of cute!<;

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GF Rating

Very Good

suprisingly pretty fun

posted by owengamer (EAST FALMOUTH, MA) Jun 22, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

I was really iffy with this one so it may have cartoon graphics,and japanese language but it's pretty fun.I have to say anyone who likes flying games should give it a shot.

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GF Rating



posted by Ninja75621 (SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL) Mar 2, 2008

Member since May 2007

this game is awesome but its hard sometimes and it looks or seems like a anime version of crimson skies

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