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Sky Gunner


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to Lock frame rate

At the title screen, push Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Down, X, Right, Square to unlock the ability to set the processing mode (frame rate) to variable or uniform.

Unlock Copain

Finish game as Femme.

Unlock Hardi

Finish game as Copain and Ciel with the top money rank as those characters. Then, Finish game as Rival to unlock Hardi in survival and time attack mode.

Unlock Rival

Finish game as Ciel without losing to Rival.

Unlock Time attack option

Finish game as Ciel with the top money rank.

Unlock Camera option

Finish game with an "SS" rank.

Unlock Scene select option

Finish game with all four characters.

Unlock Survival mode option

Finish game as Copain with the top money rank.

Get easy points

It is very difficult to score higher than the CPU. To do this, do as many chains as possible, and to do other players' work if you are done with your own. Missions are very important. For example, in level 4, when you face the old castle, try to get rid of the airplanes quickly if you are Ciel or Femme; quickly destroy the turrets that requires a chain to do so because they give you lots of money.