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This game earns its stripes

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 16, 2010

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It’s off to the wild blue yonder with Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. But there’s a few things I wonder about the title.
First off, you don’t crawl across the sky (I’ve seen that in other Wii games, but not here), and there’s nothing innocent about anyone involved in this game (you do shoot down several other pilots during the missions)
But what this game is - a good flight simulator. Using the Nunchuck to control direction and the Wiimote to control the speed is a great idea; it wasn’t long before I got used to this set up.
Most missions have you destroying several targets, but the game will insist that you go after them in a certain order. You can go after a target that the AI doesn’t want you to, but it’s much harder to hit that target. Many a players will be turned off by this micromanaging feature (Why can’t I choose which target to go for?)
The game also features tactical maneuvers. The radar will show the targeted enemy fighter with a circle around it. If you get within the circle, a meter appears and quickly fills up. Press the A button when it’s full, and you automatically get placed behind the enemy, and can easily shoot it down. This maneuver is a lot of fun to pull off, but it can also make the game a little too easy for expert players (to score well, you are encouraged to do a lot of these tactical maneuver kills).
There are 20 missions available for about a four to five hour journey - an there’s a story attached to it about a bunch of guys in a squadron. It would’ve been better if they had online fights between several players (but this is the Wii we’re talking about.)
Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is a short, fun flight of fancy, a definite rent, and some of you might actually end up buying it.

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Beautiful ride if you just sit back and enjoy it

posted by nisemono (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Mar 26, 2010

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First of all, this is NOT a flight simulator. It's a more of an anime movie simulator where you are one of the characters. If you are expecting flight sim style dogfights you will be disappointed and not like this game. However, if you let go of those expectations and just roll with it (no pun intended) it can still be pretty fun.

The graphics are excellent and everything is visually stylized for maximum dramatic effect, right down to the fight music that will be playing in your head hours later. It really IS like being an anime movie, so if you like that sort of thing you'll get a kick out of that.

My only gripes are minor ones. The UI is clunky in parts. At one point I couldn't figure out how to flip pages back to the first page of planes because the button was a funky looking symbol (why not just use a simple arrow?!?). I played a couple of missions with the absolute WORST plane possible thinking it wouldn't let me choose another.

The controls take getting used to. You are limited in how much roll you can do unless you use a "special move." Which is why I say if you want multiplayer flight-sim action forget it. And the way those moves are used to line you up behind your target feels practically like cheating.

The story is clunky too. It's about as deep as an empty swimming pool sometimes and at other times tries to be this pensively esoteric narrative on the human condition. eh, whatever.

Oh, and one other thing... the mission map is of Europe but all the names are Japaneseish. What's up with that? o.0!??! Oh, except for your name. You get cheesy names like "Cheetah" and you CAN'T change it. Your character doesn't talk so I started to wonder if I was "Cheetah" from Tarzan and would make chimp noises whenever the other characters talked to me.

If you like retro-looking planes zooming through the sky blowing stuff up from camera angles designed to maximize the coolness factor this game is a fun ride. Just don't take it too seriously, sit back and enjoy it

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GF Rating

Above Average

Easy to fly arcade shooter

posted by broncobj17 (PALATKA, FL) Jan 29, 2012

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When I first played the game I was quickly displeased because I was expecting a simulator type experience, which this is not. But it is fun to play . I Thought the menu was a bit confusing, for example; to load a saved game you choose New Game instead of continue. You start with one plane and one level and have to beat your way through the story mode to unlock new planes and levels. Once beat you can play any of the 17 levels over at any difficulty level. The controls after learned are easy to use. Finding and locking on to enemies is easy with the system the game uses. Stay within a certain circle around an enemy for a few seconds and you can press A to perform a "tactical maneuver" where by you position yourself behind the enemy for an easy kill. This makes game play quicker and you can easily kill 40+ enemies on a single mission. Again someone looking for a take off and land simulator will be disappointed. It's only a one player game. Also, the only view is from behind the plane. If these things don't deter you then you'll probably like it. There is an extensive storyline that's written, spoken and animated. Overall not a bad game, there is a variety of missions and game play is easy. I give it a 6 because its worth trying if you like arcade style combat.

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