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An RPG not worth missing

posted by NoweMinuki (MILWAUKEE, WI) Jun 21, 2006

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I have played many RPGs, and by far this one sits high, HIGH up on my list of best RPGs ever played. Despite what most RPGs are like, this one breaks the mould of the whole elemental deal by allowing you to select and change your elements in the middle of battle, it gets rid of a dependence on magic power and spells, giving you abilities and ability points that you can use to execute powerful special moves.

The characters are robust and interesting, such as Vyse's dashing fearlessness, willing to dive into any situation and tackle the problem even if he's at a disadvantage. Then there's Aika, the crazy femme-pirate that accompanies Vyse throughout almost the entire game, along with Fina who shows up not long after you start the game. Both are distinct contrasts to each other, Fina being very timid and shy, while Aika is very loud and boisterous. Both make for some very funny moments between the three.

Two different fighting styles, one on foot against opponents, the other with actual ship battles, makes for some diversity in the game that really changes things up from what I'm used to, along with finding landmarks. The concept of everyone existing on floating land masses is a nice one, one that intrigued me into renting it in the first place, as I'd heard of it before.

Music is wonderful, it all fits the game perfectly, especially the boss fights. A little quirk to boss fights that I found, the music changes depending on whether or not you're struggling, kicking the boss's butt, or you're about even with him, helping to set the mood.

Controls were smooth and precise, never had a single problem with them, and character designs were diverse and plentiful, not to mention pretty. A lot of the artwork in the game really gave it that anime feel.

This game, despite all it's grand wonders and an excellent storyline, would've been perfect ONLY if they would've included some kind of teleportation spell. Oh well, nothing's perfect....

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Very Good

Sail the friendly skies

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 8, 2007

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The Gamecube is starving for good RPGs, so thank Sega for porting Skies of Arcadia to the system. A Dreamcast game that came in at the end of the systems short life, it was critically-acclaimed but didn't sell well because of the unfortunate time that it hit the market. So it makes sense Sega saw it as a good candidate to get new life on the Gamecube. And what life it has. Skies of Arcadia is a turn-based RPG with some wonderfully inventive concepts and gameplay. You play Vyse, son of a famous air pirate, who helps out a mysterious stranger, Fina, with the help of your loyal friend Aika and several other ecclectic characters. The Valuan Empire believes Fina has important information they need to rule the known world and Vyse is on a mission to help her out and set things straight. You have to take some things for what they are, like the idea that ships, islands, fish and humans are floating in the sky, but it makes for a fun game. For instance, you can move your ship in three dimensions, diving and rising to find discoveries, towns and passageways to new lands. There are two kinds of battles: ship and character. In character battles, you give your party of four or less commands and then watch the round play out. This will take a little while, so feel free to do your taxes between rounds (okay, it's not that bad). Ship battles make for interesting gameplay, as you give your characters commands to man cannons, take evasive action, etc. There are many sub-missions, goals and collection quests to keep you playing above the 60 hour mark. The story isn't half bad either. If the graphics look dated, they are (hey, it was a Dreamcast game). And you may wonder why the dialogue is all text boxes with occasional shouts of "Uh uh" or "Die!" And the random battles in the sky and dungeons will get aggravating. But it doesn't stop this game from being addictive and entertaining. If you didn't play this on the Dreamcast, this is your chance. Take it.

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Looking for a classic RPG?

posted by rwrrudy68 (LYNNWOOD, WA) Jul 24, 2006

Member since Oct 2003

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In the days when every RPG is trying to be inventive and change many of the qualities that most RPG fans love about the genre, this game sticks to the basics. It gives you a great story line intermixed with a good number of side quests as well as the classic turn based battle action. If you liked the old classics in the genre this game is for you.

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