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Skies of Arcadia Legends

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You will need to have the best equipment you can afford every time you find a new shop. Don't be afraid to spend a little more than you want on equipment because it will pay dividends later in the game.


When you are choosing a weapon make sure you don't rely on strength only. Make sure you consider its accuracy and special effects.

Sailors Guilds

Upon finding one of these guilds make sure you check out the bounties on certain criminals. By defeating these criminals you will be able to get some type of reward.


These items are important for the storyline and cannot be sold. Moon Stones- Lets you to turn your weapons a specific color. Moon Stone Fuel- Powers a ship. Moon Crystals- Controls the Gigas of that color. Underwater Suit- Lets you to breathe underwater. Valuan Passport- Lets you to enter Valua. Velorium- Used to forge the ultimate sword. These items help while playing the game Abirik Cham - Necessary for Cupil to reach his final form. Aura of Valor- Maxes SP. Box Items- Incurs damage or heals your character (Can be used many times) Crystals- Various curing abilities (strongest are Risan and Riselem) Driln Box- Lowers the stats of one enemy. Multiple uses. Glyph of Might- Increases Attack and Defense. Glyph of Speed- Increases Quick. Grule- Ten of these can be traded for a Polly's Special. Healing Salve- Heals 200 HP every turn. Seeds- Permanently raises one of your characteristics (MP, HP, etc) Ilchymix- Restores all HP and MP. Kabal Skewer- Restores 2 MP. Magic Dew- Restores 10 MP. Magic Droplet- Restores 1 MP.. Mom's Skewer- Restores all MP.s. Polly's Special- Restores all HP and MP. Romuhai Fish- Ten of these can be traded for an Urala's Lunch. Sky Sardis- Ten of these can be traded for an Abirik Cham. Tropica- Permanently raises Max HP by 200. Urala's Lunch- Restores all HP and MP.

How to avoid battles on ship

By flying as low as possible you will avoid battles on your ship. But it will only work around half the time.

Water beast

Upon getting the Green Moon Crystal, go back down to Horteka Village and the water to talk to the beast. He will ask to see the stone. Give him the stone and you will get a black 5" cannon for your ship. This is the only time you can speak with the Beast and if you give him the black moon crystal you will have to fight him in the en d.

Vorlik Blade

You need Ryu-Khan and must upgrade his shop. Upon finding Fina's ship, speak with him about things. He will tell you about a piece of metal called VELORIUM. Go back into deep sky and start searching with the crane. Soon, you will find two pieces of the substance. Talk to him again and he will begin work on his ULTIMATE PIECE. In a day or two, check with him. He will give you the Vorlik Blade. This has the highest attack and accuracy in the game.