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Skate It - a unique virtual skating experience

posted by windnsea (Avon, CT) Nov 19, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

By far the best game out for the balance board showing off the peripherals potential for more complex controls. The balance board controls are not perfect but it works and it is really addictive, fun and overall a great virtual skating experience.

There are two main problems I found with the controls: 1. you need to scroll through tricks while skating so a kickflip is on the same spot on the board as a shovit or verial and you need to scroll with wiimote to change between them 2. half pipes and big ramps are difficult to skate because your natural tendency to pump up and down the ramp on the board messes up your steering. You have to remain stiff until ready to execute a trick. This is not a problem in bowls though which are really fun.

The wiimote controls were strange at first but after some practice they naturally were the movements I wanted to do to control my character. It too restricts control over your character compared to other systems but makes the overall experience much more satisfying.

So although the controls are not perfect the unique virtual experience that the wii peripherals offer makes this game exceptional. You do not have as much control of your character as previous skate games but the virtual experience that you get from preforming the controls that do work well make the game superior to any other skate game. It really is a whole new gaming experience.

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Ollie up to the railbar, skaters

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 3, 2009

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4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

While the Tony Hawk series has fallen under the weight of it's own success, Skate It shows gamers that skateboarding games are still alive and kickflipping.
While Tony Hawk focused on huge combos, long grinds and character customization, Skate It focuses on old-school boarding and crashes. You'll notice right off the bat that it's aiming at a more realistic, back-to-basics approach to skateboarding. You won't catch massive air, you won't pull off 15 flip tricks from a kicker and you won't use grind down a rollercoaster. What you will do is experience the kind of skateboarding that feels like the real thing. Doing ollies down a staircase feels very natural. Grinding is done with accurate timing rather than a button and skating off the roof of a building onto the pavement will cause you to bail.
You might be surprised at how well the motion sensor controls work. While it isn't completely responsive, moving from one move to the next is fluid. You'll be taking your heelflip to a manual into a rail grind in no time. Although, doing a specific move takes some effort.
And then there's Thrasher's Hall of Meat. In a smart move to make bailing as much fun as a successful landing, bad falls will cause various bones to bruise, sprain or break. If you break enough bones, you can unlock some new gear. Don't worry, breaking bones doesn't actually affect your skater, it's just morbidly entertaining.
The music works well here, a good combination of newer alt rock and old-school funk. The environments look very good and take you to locales all over the world.
While most of this makes for a solid skateboarding title, there are areas where Skate It does a faceplant. Because of all the little trip hazards, you'll bail far more than you should. Some levels are dark or difficult to maneuver through. And some challenges are frustratingly tricky. You'll also get turned around at the worst possible times.
Still, Skate It is the best skateboarding game on the Wii and that's an accomplishment.

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BEST balance board game ever made

posted by XXCHEZYXX (Cherry Hill, NJ) Nov 20, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

9 out of 13 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

BEST game ever feels like ur really on the board and the new features r awsome luckily i have xbox 360 as well as wii so i cant wait for skate 2 to come out

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