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Very Good

Skate 3, well, maybe Skate 2.5

posted by Mbare420 (STERLING, CT) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I'll jump right into this one.

Pros of Skate 3
~ New and improved tricks, including dark slides and under flips.
~ New actions, including drop-ins, attacking pedestrians and being able to clear spaces packed with pedestrians by pushing down on the d-pad.
~ New Career mode, which is all about creating a skateboard brand and creating your own team. As you progress and sell more boards (board sales are what you receive for completing photos, videos, own the spot, etc) you're able to recruit more members for your team. Also, as you progress through the career even further, new create a park locations will open up to you. Which brings me to the next point.
~ The ability to create your own skate park. The possibilities are endless with this feature, and will be downloadable like Skate 2's create-a-spot feature.
~ Rails aren't "magnetic" like they were in the past two games. If you just ollie randomly near a rail, you won't "stick" to it. It makes the game more challenging and more realistic.
~ New physic settings (difficulty) Easy mode, for young children, Normal mode, for the average Skate player, and Hardcore mode for those who like the challenge of realistic skateboarding.
~ A whole new city, Port Carverton, teeming with sick skate lines.

Cons of Skate 3

~Graphics have improved, but only by a bit. No drastic changes in this department.
~The view can still be REALLY inconvenient and annoying. It still rotates and flips and goes up and around and down. If you've played Skate games before, you know what I'm talking about...
~ This may just be a personal thing that other people don't find annoying, but I find it funny how you can manual for 5,000 feet and your character will never "balance" himself on the board. He just cruises and cruises.
~Two players are now only supported online. There is no party-play.

I'd recommend anyone who is interested in buying this game to rent it first and give it a few days of play before you jump into purchasing it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Tony Hawk who??

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 3, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

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If you played Skate 2 then expect the same sick street sessions full of insane flip tricks and gapping 30 stair sets. You also have a fully customizable song playlist with tons of songs, you can choose to skip songs any time you're playing. Gameplay is very fluid and smooth, once you customize your character's truck stiffness and so forth, to get that perfect feel you want.

Controls and gameplay are basically the same as Skate 2, with some minor tweeks which were all good. You still rock the R stick to do all of the flip tricks and ollies with RT and LT for grabs. Something new was the ability to go to options and see why you're missing tricks as it will show you what you're doing wrong with the R analog stick--- that's tight.

I thought the career mode in this game was way better than Skate 2 since there were just cooler parks and courses and more to do. The whole point is to start your own clothing brand, and you add skaters, filmers, and other members of the team as you progress. You do photo shoots and film clips on the street while you attempt to hit the commands on the screen. You try to get magazine covers, and sell as many boards as possible.

Online play in this one is a bit more confusing to get started, but once you figure out the learning curve it's very rewarding. You get cash (boards) even just playing online and doing events. There are more modes, more parks, and more of everything to keep replay value very high here.

Tips - Use the command trick list in the menu since you'll get no manual from gamefly. Use manuals to link tricks. Line up early so you can flip trick onto rails/ledges for more points. Nollie into tricks to get more points versus ollie. Play on Normal. Do all of the tutorials right away, even if you've played Skate 2.

This game met all my expectations, and will keep me away from playing MW2 for awhile, thank God. This game blows away any Tony Hawk sellout game- all about the street!

Milt Drucker - gamertag

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Hardcore Mode FTW

posted by Rubiks (AUSTIN, TX) May 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

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When Skate came out I said, "Wow. Skating games could not get any more realistic than this." We all know it made Tony Hawk look like complete garbage, which it is. The game actually gave you a sense of accomplishment for even just FINDING a new spot to skate.
Now, with the addition of hardcore mode, it has somehow become even more true to skating. What I once thought was impossible has come to life.

Three games into the series and I am yet to be disappointed in any way. Must buy.

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