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The Skater MMO

posted by Zen_Lotus (EVERETT, WA) Dec 2, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

I picked up this title, because I was looking for a little nostalgia from my n64 Hawk days, unfortunately I didn't grasp the Huge level of difference and strides made in skating games since my original tap into this genre.

now before you go, oh this review is bad because it's not what he expected, that's not the case.
Overall the game, is very good, flawless in it's genre type, but that's also it's downfall,
The Tutorial only covers the basics: Ollies, Grinds, and movement.
with spurts of little blips of tutorials along the way, the rest you have to pick it up- giving you that true- Oh cool I'm a skater.....And I just realized I have no idea how to skateboard...
feeling most games don't give you.
The only way to learn a trick, is to look it up in the trick book, watch it be done, and then Practice, practice, practice, practice.
Unfortunately, I'd prefer at least the basics of all trick types be taught in the tutorial.
the other issue I had was the hit or miss rng like system for getting a trick working.
I'd nail a jump- have the perfect amount of air for the trick I'd go for, hit the buttons to do it- and my character would do something else.
But it did have moments that I really enjoyed,
that feeling when you nail a trick perfectly, that instance that you seem to be on fire, getting every trick done with precise movements, brings a rush that I really liked- the Hall of Meat was very much a highlight of my experience as well. (besides the jump off this into a can that is 400 feet away while spiraling missions that seemed a bit crazy for me.
all in all
I give this game a 5 for the average joe playing it, and an 8 for the genre enthusiast.
game on players.

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Someone call the exterminator...we got bugs!!!

posted by holyghost81 (HARTFORD, WI) Feb 17, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Where do I begin, well, I'll go over the positives first. The game-play seems (to me) a little smoother than 2, which I own. The addition of the dark slide option was pretty cool. There is a hyped up online mode that I did not play, but from my research into other issues I found out it is an amazonian size cockroach of a bug (i.e, it doesn't work). The biggest draw for me was the park editor. Theoretically you can make all manner of parks and even download them if you don't want to take the time. That, however, is the core of my problem.
In order to get items for your park you have to complete single player missions, which are standard but fun. The problem, at least with the 2 (yes 2) copies of the game I got was that you can only play an undetermined amount of missions (or whatever) before the game..sorta..freezes. You can hear background noises while the loading icon is spinning but the game never loads. Furthermore when I reset the game, it forces my ps3 to reset too. Not cool skate 3, not cool. I thought maybe I just had bad luck with both copies (to clarify the first one never loaded anything), but It's kind of hit and miss with other copies as well (according to the all knowing forums).
All in all, It's a big disappointment, if only for the fact I wanted to buy the game for the park editor, and I cant trust to buy a game this buggy. Not to mention it is, in the end, skate 2.5, not really skate 3. The game is fun if you get a good copy but....ya know.

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Skate 4!

posted by ValiantGamer (SPOTSWOOD, NJ) Dec 26, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Come On!

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