Rent Siren for PS2
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Not Rentable
GF Rating

366 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Directional Buttons Move
X Button Search/open or close door
Triangle Button Call up list menu
Square Button Flashlight on/off
Circle Button Crouch or stand/jump off ladder
L2 Button Enter/exit Sightjack Mode
L1 Button Strafe (with direction)
R2 Button First-person view
R1 Button Draw weapon/lock on
Start Button Pause menu
Select Button Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Look around/zoom in while sniping
Combo #1 R1 + X = Attack/fire weapon
Combo #2 R1 + Any Direction (during lock-on) = Center sights on target enemy
Combo #3 R1 + L1 + Any Direction (during lock-on) = Change lock-on target

X Button Sightjack shortcut
Triangle Button Sightjack shortcut
Square Button Sightjack shortcut
Circle Button Sightjack shortcut
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Search for Sightjack target


HINTS: The Second Time Around


02:18:34 Pay attention to the man on the roof, and the informer.
02:18:34 Pay attention to the crouching man.
02:28:13 It's blown up onto the roof.
03:31:17 Search the place where the man hid it.
04:00:04 It only blooms at night. The tool is on the 2nd floor.
05:03:07 The man on the roof is watching you. Move from behind the cafe to the side of the warehouse.
07:22:49 It will melt between the gap in the kitchen. Go to the front door before the pig cries.
Pay attention to the steps which start from the lower part of a river.
08:19:59 "The tools are in the custodian's shack."
11:59:33 After sudden parting... The man at the Shrine knows.
16:53:37 Leave a chasing man, and go downwards. Meet a woman before she runs away.
17:54:51 Attached to money.
19:27:27 Signal to change the position. Gather them in one place.
20:41:18 After the man in black strikes it with stone.
22:11:08Do not miss a running head.
22:52:57 Elder sister gets confused by smoke.
23:45:18 Pay attention to the paying woman. The first one is the lion.


00:49:33 First, use the light. Then the machine for the peeping person.
01:11:11 The man is in the cottage. He hates being in the dark.
06:06:01The woman cuts down the tree, led by the light.
07:03:41 Pay attention to the puddle.
10:29:56 Receive it from the injured woman. It reminds you of old memories.
15:19:59 Sleeps in the crack found in the floor.
18:37:11 Pay attention to the water pipe and the window. Water runs from the top to bottom.
20:31:33 The man in the white takes the woman to the backdoor.


00:14:26 From a monkey to the alarm clock. Go to the bloody croosroad.
03:03:27 Reach K's backdoor.
12:21:08 Pay attention to the disappeared water.
16:00:58 The two-headed one can't get up when you impale it.
22:13:33 From 2nd Floor to the waterway. Pull and tie!
23:03:18 Where she points.