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Horror at its best 2004

posted by CoopScoop (MEMPHIS, TN) Sep 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

I enjoyed the first day, after an experice of hit and run cinematic the fun slowly faded. I'm not unhappy, but the interesting parts like what siren offered was lacking some compition from games such as manhunt,silent hill 2,origins like these two wasn't enough to please.

Okay, the second part became impresive, and it lived a very short time(my likings), some controller informative progress through and I got to know most of the buttons(then here I wanted to quit) and what will happen if you press some(buttons). I got into the third mission and was shot by a shibito after trying three times I just gave up.

Apart from what playing a game, it would be nice if 720p was introduce back in 2004. This siren made me notice how much games improved but again why go back in time, games should just be remebered as time well spent and collectables. I'm still keeping GF.

Play the game if you like action horror, its just I'am spoiled from real intesive action in now-days-action horror.

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Very Good

Unique survival horror

posted by sabenge (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Feb 23, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

Walking dead and a sacrifice bringing about an ancient evil. The story can be summarized that simply. To be fair, I didn't bother to read most of the archive items, but the story just really wasn't that interesting and seemed somewhat contrived. What really sets this game apart from others in the survival horror genre, and draws you in, is the fact that you actually have to survive the horror by hiding and fighting when necessary. The only problem is not giving up within the first few hours of gameplay.

As you begin, you'll undoubtedly notice that the mechanics of the game are never explicitly stated. You can never be entirely sure if a shibito, the term used to describe the undead enemies encountered, will see or hear you. Each scenario is constructed differently leaving the player unsure of how each enemy they encounter will react to certain stimuli. For instance, there is a mission that requires a character to make it to a designated area without being spotted at all. The only problem is that there is a patrolling guard near the gate. To make things easier, I suppose, this particular nemesis is apparently deaf allowing you to simply jaunt past it while it's looking the other way. The good news, though, is that if you choose to play the game in its entirety, you'll eventually know how almost every mission is set up through multiple iterations.

Aside from the looping storyline, trial and error gameplay, and the half-hearted Japanese-people-with- British- accents dubbing, the game manages to sink its visceral hooks into you and refuse to let go. You just have to be patient and stay the course.

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Very Good

Good horror game, despite some problems

posted by Firebird12 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Sep 9, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

"Siren" for the PS2 is just one of those games that appeals to horror game enthusiasts. It slipped my notice when it first came out a few years ago, but ever since Siren: Blood Curse for the PSN came out, my interest in this game was re-kindled. As a Japanese horror game, Siren delivers. The story of 10 ordinary people trying to survive being stuck in a cursed and remote Japanese village swarming with "shibito" (or Japanese zombies, basically) wins with a genuinely creepy atmosphere and interesting (if convoluted) story. Although the British voice-acting for the obviously Japanese characters is weird--and somewhat funny--it's possible to get over it eventually. The game does score some low points for its early Resident Evil-style controls, and the graphics are not that great, even for a PS2 title. Still, if you love horror games and have some interest in Japanese culture, you should at least rent the game and give it a try.

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