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GF Rating


Fantastic Game

posted by Freelancer820 (LIVONIA, MI) Jan 2, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Fantastic mind blowing game, very inventive spin on time travel. Multiplayer is neat and is more than: run, shoot, die.

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GF Rating


4 Quarters

posted by rhythmguitarhv (SPRING BRANCH, TX) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Take a part Bioshock with your hand power and tape recorder messages. Add a part of Timeshift with time manipulation. Add some Metro 33 with your Russian setting and monsters. Then a part of Half-Life 2 with your pause menus, female companion and occasional physics puzzles. Its a fun game and a good looking one too.

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GF Rating

Above Average

So Average it's... well, Average

posted by gamecentra (NORTH POLE, AK) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Feb 2009

Story: The whole Butterfly Effect style plot made for an interesting story, as what happened earlier in the game does to some effect have an outcome later on the the game. However, time travel and changing the past was still extremely linear, no alterations to what u were able to accomplish. Endings were interesting enough at least. Backstory told decently well by the notes and audio recordings left around the island, though some of them weren't needed and pointless. On the whole the story, while adding some intriguing points, was rather cheesy and predictable. Little to no character development or personality in the characters beyond the archtypes associated with this sort of game.

Graphics: While not cutting edge the graphics as a whole were consistent and pretty looking. Some environments and enemies looked dated and not detailed well though. Levels were colorful in a positive way and, to my opinion, slightly cartoonish, in a negative way. Enemy models and character modes were fairly well-detailed. Gore detail was excellent, with arms and legs flying and gouts of blood everywhere.

Gameplay: Standard shooter mechanics. Health and med-pack system nice change from regenerating health, though shooter controls just seemed kind of dated. Time Manipulation Device mostly a gimmick, found that I could get through most gunfights the standard way (especially after obtaining the Autocannon) and enemies were fairly easy to kill, even the mutant ones. TMD puzzles so easy my two-year old cousin could probably figure them out in a second or two, and use of the device was repetitive and got really boring after awhile.

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