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Butterfly Effect meets Half-Life

posted by Polishfury (Elmira, NY) Jul 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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I got this game expecting a decent experience and walked away feeling totally blown away. Not only does this game have some of the coolest weapons I've ever seen in a game, but the pacing alone if phenomenal. You go from being some lowly special forces operative trying to just survive the perils of a truly terrifying environment and slowly build up to near deity levels of awesomeness.
Being able to mess with time is the main staple of this game. Your Time Manipulation Device (known as the TMD) will be your best friend. You'll be using it to drastically age or revert your enemies and environment.
I don't want to give too much away here because there's a lot of very cool surprises throughout the game, but this game's story deals a lot with time travel and the consequences that come with it. Pretty much based around the idea that if you change even one little thing in the past, you can create massive changes and schisms to the present.
The graphics are just what you'd come to expect from any good title on your xbox or ps3, however the developer did do a good job in creating what feels like a very organic environment. From the dark and desolate present to the refreshingly bright past, each individual area you trek through will have a different feel from the last. Not to mention there are some great and crazy set pieces set amidst this game as well. Concerning your enemies: you'll cut through your standard bunch of Russian soldiers, but it's the island's afflicted natives that will deliver some of the most exciting combat of the game. You'll encounter several different types each requiring different tactics. The only complaints I have with the game is the inclusion of some odd invisible walls and the inability to scale some low barriers to go with that, but in light of a solid experience, I can easily forgive them (didn't really take away from the game). Lastly I just want to add that I did not come across any big or annoying bugs or glitches during my playthrouh

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Big surprise

posted by Lynx1214 (CREST HILL, IL) Sep 24, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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I know it may not be for everyone but this game totally took me by surprise. I thought i was getting just another shooter game, which in alot of ways it is. I made it through the first 15 minutes of the game and said you know, i don't think that this game is for me, but then all of a sudden the story starts to suck you in. The weapons get cooler, and you get to unlock stronger versions and get perks and stuff. and the real cool thing is the arm band weapon called the TMD that takes a little bit into the story to finally get, but when you do....... thats when more cool weapons unlock. Just give it more than a level or two, you just might thank me for it. I was very surprised to find how cool the campaign was to play, and the Multiplayer is pretty cool too. You get to play as soldiers, or Creatures. Trust me, check it out, you more than likely won't be upset if you like shooters with a story.

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Good game but could have been so much more

posted by ImaTumor (RED LION, PA) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Singularity no doubt has one of the best ideas I've seen in any video game in the past year. The realization that you have changed time and space made my jaw hit the floor and once I got far enough into the game to acquire the TMD I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. The abilities you gain throughout the game are really badass, the guns however I wished they could have been equally imaginative as the TMD, considering you changed time and space I would have liked to see some guns that are linked to the TMD in someway and have an ability that modifys time. Also I know this comment seems a little played but at times I thought I was playing Half-Life which is not a bad thing but when your main female character looks like the long lost twin of the main female character from Half-Life 2 then that's a little strange. The combat itself is pretty fluid and I never got tired of turning soliders into dust or turning them into mindless zombies created by the time warp. I throughly enjoyed the game but by the end the whole plot started to collapse with so many loopholes in it I wondered if anything my character had been doing really mattered. Then we get to climax at where you make a choice very similar to the ultimate choice you make in Fable 2 if anyone reading this played Fable. ( I don't want to spoil the endings because they're actually pretty cool except what suppose to be the logical decision but you'll understand what i'm saying after you play the game) Overall, Singularity had a very good concept that had not been tried in games before it but at the same time it failed to establish itself from other games in the sci-fi shooter genre. In my opinion as a gamer I would definitely put this in your que and I hope Raven Software makes a sequel somtime in the near future I would love to see if they can take this series to the next level

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