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What did you expect by renting it throug the mail?

posted by Desteria (FRANKLIN PARK, IL) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

YES YOU NEED SINGSTAR MICS TO PLAY! Read the game specs people!

But with that out of the way, the game itself is fun. BUT... it's also a collection of songs that are on the singstar store. So if you have singstar vol 1 already, just go online and buy the songs you like since they are all there anyway and you won't be stuck with songs you're not interested in.

I like singstar because the collection of songs they offer won't be found on any other singing games like rock band and guitar hero. Plus there's no "failing" a song, so if you're doing bad, you still get to finish the song at the very least.

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Do not get without reading a review!!!!

posted by Julion (BIG SPRING, TX) Oct 11, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

OK so ive enjoyed recieving dozens of titles from gamefly as it is my main source of gaming.. unfortunately this was the one game i recieved in the mail and shipping back without even so much as putting it in my ps3. The reason for this was becez i failed to read a review on this game which states that in order to play this game u are REQUIRED to have a SINGSTAR MIC. Not a rock band mic, not a logitech mic but SINGSTAR MIC specifically. So unless u wish to wait a couple more days to actually have some entertainment. Read all reviews on games. They are here for a reason.

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Waste of time

posted by TAGVT (MILTON, VT) Feb 22, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

Honestly, my daughter was looking forward to SingStar. We have Rock Band games, a number of Guitar Heroes and had two microphones. Unlike others, we had no problem getting our RB and GH microphones to work. Though, we did run into a minor issue at first. You have to make sure that you have enough microphones for the players you have assigned on the set up screen. If not, it will repeatedly tell you that you don't have a microphone. We realized after a few seconds that it had us for 2 players rather than one. Fixed that and all was fine.

The song selection is great and my son was excited to see they had guitar capabilities if you paid a little extra. However, the song he really wanted to play on his RB guitar wasn't one of the available, so the guitar download turned out to be a waste of time.

Once we started playing there were things I clearly did not like. Scoring is far different to RB or GH. If you're holding a sustained note and your pitch or tone wavers even slightly, it counts it was wrong. During some songs, the original singer will drop or raise slightly, SingStar didn't account for that in the expert setting. You had to hold the note flat or else.

I also didn't like the way that your vocals are all anyone hears. Background music takes second stage. I understand that's all part of the game, but I definitely did not like hearing myself coming out of the surround sound, and I can sing. It's just really weird not having the music playing at the same volume or slightly lower.

At the end of a song you're rated. I'm not sure what a perfect score delivers, but I got as high as a jeweled crown. Most of the time, we were pulling the Chihuahua, which isn't particularly flattering.

There is a duet function. For duets you choose one of the two singers. Duets on one vocalist tracks are divided up with the two of you singing alternately or sometimes together.

After this experience, it was clear. Rock Band 3 is far superior.

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