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A Nice Follow-Up to a Classic Game.

posted by SPSakry (SAINT CLOUD, MN) Sep 9, 2012

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This was a fun and interesting game, but as one of the few people to actually play the original Sin and Punishment it was somewhat disappointing. It is still a good all-around game, mind you, but I would recommend buying the original on the virtual console instead. Star Successor is still worth a try at least once, but it is certainly not for everyone. It still isn't as good as the original, but you can say that about a lot of great games. At the very least, it is a great sequel.

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A Modern Rail Shooter

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jul 19, 2012

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Sin & Punishment is, by today's standards, a unique gaming experience... in spite of the fact that, at its core, it is a callback to the days when video games were about a solid arcade experience. Most of the game is structured as a rail shooter (to me the classic example is Panzer Dragoon) in which you control your dodging with the joystick while you aim at the screen and shoot using the remote. There's plenty of stuff to shoot at and plenty of stuff to dodge as you, an agent for a nefarious organization, decide to defy orders and protect a "dangerous" nonhuman woman instead of killing her as instructed.

-Tons of arcade goodness. Just plain old shoot 'em up fun straight out of 1995.
-Although a rail shooter at its core, the game mixes in some 2D side scrolling action once in a while to keep things fresh.
-Interesting setting: a sci-fi dystopian future in which the earth has long since been ravaged by war and is now populated by monsters and futuristic armies.
-Choice of two playable characters with different abilities.
-2 player coop option. Ability to switch between 1 player and 2 player between missions.
-Adjustable difficulty level.

-The story is interesting, but underdeveloped. This game is all about the action, not spending a lot of time fleshing out what all is going on.
-It's a bit short (just a few hours of gameplay if you don't get stuck) with limited replayability. Good for a rent only.
-In 2 player coop mode, the 2nd player has no onscreen avatar, no ability to dodge, no health gauge, and only the basic "machine gun" attack. They're really just tagging along with the 1st player's game.
-Although this game would have made a big splash if it had come out in 1995, younger gamers may be unaccustomed to this type of gaming experience.

In summary, I had a lot of fun with this game. If you used to play rail shooters back in the day (or you'd like to see what the genre is all about), definitely rent it.

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What a punishment to play

posted by mojo4300 (PRESCOTT, AZ) May 18, 2011

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This game was just horrible, i know some people may be saying different. But in my opinion this game was just horrible, the gameplay was really weak and the graphics looked pretty decent but the main characters were really funny looking. This game was really repetitive I just didn't even want to play it, but i did anyway. It's basically an on the rail shooter, and not a very good one at that. They had way to many bosses, and some bosses were just completely frustration and made me just want to pick up my WII and chuck it at the wall. It has very simple and some-what easy to use controls. This game isn't that great i highly recommend you just skip this

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