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Not Quite Sinful Enough

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 2, 2010

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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a basic rail shooter that feels like it came from the arcades back in the 1990’s.
The idea here is to shoot down as many bad guys with your machine gun/secondary fire as possible while dodging their fire to keep your health bar from emptying.
The best parts of the game are the various things for you to destroy; there are waves of small creatures, groups of man sized creatures, several large creatures, and massive bosses all set to be demolished. The graphics in the game are some of the best I’ve seen in a Wii game; the enemy looks menacing and I get great joy seeing them blow up.
Another nice feature about the game is that it can be played with a Wiimote/Nunchuck (my preferred way to play it) or with a classic controller.
You can modify the button configuration in many ways, so it’s easy to find a configuration that fits your playing style, and your partner’s (if you are playing this game two player mode).
But, alas, not all is great about Sin and Punishment. You only get three types of attack: the machine gun, the lock on attack (missiles for the girl, energy blast for the boy), and a melee attack. I was hoping for a missile launcher, magnum bullets, a shot gun, or an alien weapon - but nope, they don’t appear here
And these attacks you do get can not be upgraded or enhanced, and your character can’t be modified in any way, either.
This makes the gameplay repetitive - and some players can get bored with holding down the fire button while blasting targets while dodging the return fire.
Which may be a blessing in disguise that the game lasts only five hours for a run through - and does not give a very good reason to play it a second time. But I found this lack of shelf life to be the biggest problem that this $50 game has.
The bottom line, I say, is Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a must rent, and fans of the genre will want to purchase it.

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