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Sims 2: Castaway

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Casual Gamer Fun

posted by WoMensan (MIDLAND, TX) Feb 7, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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If you are on a hellbent mission to stay up ten hours until you conquor a game- this is NOT for you. If you are playing games for the fun of it, like variety, and think it would be fun to play at survival, this is it. No, it's not an in depth story. . . basically just by the name you should know this is a simple castaway on a desert island story. What makes it fun is this is YOUR castaway story in as much as you get to live it through Wii. It coddles you at first requiring only a few basic necessities be maintained, then builds up requirements making it more realistic. You get to find food, tame animals, craft rafts, fish, travel, craft clothes, and manipulate your enviroment. There are several islands, ruins, and cut off areas to figure out how to get to. Settings allow you the option for the fellow castaways you create to act with "free will" -like people actually would. I would guess most negative reviews are from serious gamers or from those who didn't read or try out the Wii remote controls. I did go crazy at first, thinking I "should" be able to do something that I couldn't, only later to realize I could but simply hadn't yet mastered the wii/nunchuk controls. Once accoplished, the game came be played very naturally by allowing picking up and manipulating objects and changing camera views.

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Above Average

Loading... Oh, too bad, your motives aren't filled

posted by NyQuil (PORTAGE, MI) Dec 22, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

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This game seemed like and interesting idea, but after I'd played it for a while, I began to notice some not-so-great things about it.

First off, it takes quite a while to do ANYTHING because your motives fall so quickly. All it takes is a little harvesting and all of the sudden you need to go to the bathoom, take a shower, sleep, eat, get comfortable, talk to someone... so on.
No, you don't have to worry about all of those in the beginning of the game, they gradually build on you, so you can't play the game effectively anymore.

It's very annoying how slow everything is, too. I find that it takes a very, very long time to finish anything or build anything because there are so many resources, and sometimes they're hard to get to. Yes, this is a good quality, actually, because it makes the game more life-like. (Who would get stranded on an island, when the original story was that you're all on a boat, all by themselves if you were all on a boat? The starting ship looked to me like a modern boat, but then you crash and there's no boat. Then all of the sudden, if you have enough motives to explore, you see a shipwreck, but it looks an awful lot like a pirate ship...)

I just don't like the fact that I cannot make my characters get along. Hey, I play the sims because I want to make a guy and a girl fall in love. Is that so hard to ask? Even in real life it would be easier.

I do like the idea of it. It seemed a little bit rushed, though, like it wasn't quite out of the bug stage. Speaking of bugs, this game has plenty of them. My sim has gotten stuck several times in odd places, unable to move, and where the heck do you find the shower motive? If they give that to you, you should be able to find a way to build a shower at least.

I won't completely bash on the game, it has interesting fashion, and is fairly realistic. It is worth playing if you like the sound of being stuck on an island by yourself for a while, and if you are very patient.

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Above Average

Good but not good enough

posted by emodude19 (CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN) Oct 27, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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The game starts when you create a sim, choose their occupation, name, and personality, and you can choose if you want it to be a single vacation or have others come along. Your boat crashes and you are the only one there(besides the animals)your job is to help your sim(s) get home, but it's a SIM game so you get to spoil them with clothes made out of leaves and vines, or force them to spear-fish for hours. If you have played the previous versions of the sims for the consoles, it might be me but I think the need bar decreases to fast, so that means you have to harvest food a lot and sleep after you just slept 2 minutes ago. I also thought this game(and many others) don't feel right with the wiimote unless it's your sim's hand but its not but sounds like a cool idea. Another problem I had was that the game wouldn't let me marry another sim,(even though we had a 100 relationship together and I proposed almost 60 times) they kept refusing, we were in good moods too. Overall this game lacks things but also excels in some things like the fun of staying sane from making sand buddies, and collecting the army of items you encounter.

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