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Sims 2: Castaway

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Hey, it's better than Lost

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 15, 2008

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Sims 2 Castaway is an interesting take on the Sims series. You take your custom crew of six on a leisurely boat ride, only to wind up stranded all across deserted islands. Here, you will collect driftwood, coconuts and fish, as well as craft some tools to harvest wood, palm fronds, banana leaves, etc. Your first character will have to work his way off the first island, mostly so he can find his other party members, which theoretically should make things easier. As you progress, you can give your sims jobs and set up settlements as you uncover the mysteries of the islands, complete a bunch of goals set forth for you and, ultimately, get rescued. It must be said that this is probably the easiest survival quest you could ask for. Every fruit, vegetable and spice imaginable is strewn about the island and you can fish to your heart's content. There are also boars and chickens to catch. Harvesting resources will eat up much more of your time. Getting wood, vines, bamboo, clay, metal ore, etc. are taxing on the old watch and you'll need them to build basically everything. The game is not particularly long, but you can keep playing as long as you wish, make new clothes and accomplish all your goals to keep things interesting. There are some annoying things about this game though. Sometimes your sims will get into an argument for no good reason and take their stellar relationship back down to 0. Sometimes you'll come back to camp and find the buildings you last made are mysteriously gone. Your clothes will keep tattering and, of course, the sims will continually want you to fulfill several different motives. Basically, this game will give you one of two reactions. Either you'll be addicted to it until it's over or you'll get bored really quick. It's worth playing through to see which side you're on.

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Ghost Recon

posted by MelissaTheGamer (RENSSELAER, NY) May 17, 2011

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This game would be so much better if u played with ppl online.

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Not a Good Platform for Sims 2

posted by Boean76 (QUINCY, MA) Jun 30, 2010

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The graphics are horrible and the controls are buggy and counter-intuitive. For example, if you want to talk to another Sim, you use the nunchuk to approach them, then a menu of possible interactions pop up which you need to use the wii remote, and by the time you pick "chat" they have walked away so rinse and repeat. I do like the monkey interactions which adds a bit of humor. Sims are so much better on computers.

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