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Sims 2: Castaway

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Also on:PSP Games, PS2, DS
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wach out for the pirate!

Once you have found all of the treasure map peices, DO NOT go 2 the pirate ship at night!!!!!! After a while a ghost of the ship's captain will come out! Make sure you have the Death Daisy Poision!!!!! The ghost WILL kill your sim. If u r lucky, he will be in a good mood and help you and will be your friend. If not, bye bye sim! If he becomes your friend, you must help him find his body! There are several skelatons lying around. Find the correct skeloton and he will give you the treasure, food, and everything else. F.Y.I. If you bring him the wrong skeloton, he will be mad at u. Then u must wait 3 game days. ( The pirate ghost WILL follow you around) He will also show you where all the food, and items are. Hope this helps!!!!