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A "City" fit for renting

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 29, 2008

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There's nothing quite like the power of creating cities - SimCity has been around for a long time (first came out on PC) and it made the trip to the consoles.
SimCity Creator for the Wii doesn't mess around with the formula: you create cities according to all your people's needs - and if you're good and not greedy, you won't have to force a bailout on your citizens.
The game starts off with a Tutorial for new players that takes you through the process of building and destroying things, advisors and assistants, planning your finances, and disasters.
Next, the Missions Mode lets you hone certain aspects of your city building skills.
But some of these missions go on for far too long; in one, I had to build schools to increase my citizens education rate. When I did build several schools, colleges, libraries and museums all about the city and provided the power and water needed, the mission just kept on going. I just sat there wondering what else I needed to do.
After the Mission Mode, you can go into Free Play Mode where you create a city, get advisors. This is very much like the PC version; you start small and grow a huge city. SimCity fans will enjoy playing this mode.
The controls work well but you need to have a steady hand on the Wiimote.
Along the way, there are other problems with the Wii version. The city can get so huge that it taxes the system; scrolling through the city can get clunky and jerky.
Also, some of the loading screens get very long (most notably the one leading to advisors.)
And (in my opinion) $50 is too much for this game. The graphics are standard, and the gameplay isn't deep enough for a premium price tag.
Rent and try SimCity Creator, and judge it for yourself.

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Entertainment Done Right!

posted by ali5541 (DEARBORN, MI) Dec 20, 2008

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SimCity Creator is what I call entertainment done right. It's all the fun of building a city without the need to get technical like the PC versions. This game is a great addition to the Wii family of Strategy games. This game is great because you also have the option to sit aside while having your advisers build the city for you. This game has only 1 and only 1 downfall, but it is a large one. The controls!!! The controls are terrible, it's extremely difficult to place down roads and even though their is the option of having the the grid show up on the screen like PC versions, it's useless if you don't have a good and steady hand. I'd say that if this problem were to be fixed, then ratings of this game will soar. Before I end off, I would like to mention that you can look at your city whenever you want by taking your plane and flying around. Plus you can destroy your city which can be great fun, their is a wide variety of ways you can do that and it's not the classic lighting, meteor shower, or robot. This game offers giant spike balls of death, hammers, and so much more!

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Great Game!,Bad Controls, But Very PLAYABLE

posted by Cnart216 (CLEVELAND, OH) Sep 27, 2008

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All the hype about the bad controls is true but there not that bad, and can be overcome to enjoy this sim Experience. If you love Sim City then you will Love this game. The game gives you loads of options for creating your city and some of the ZOOM up graphics look quite nice on the WII. The only really problem with this game is the controls but beleave me if your a SIM CITY fan then you'll just have to learn how to play the game in a different way, that being the WII remote. TRUST ME you can do it.

SOUND: 5/10
REPLAY: 10/10

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