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SimCity Creator

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Have a pop. of 350,000

TV station

Have a pop. of 350,000


Raise education level to 90

Wind Power Plant

Reach 1985

Large Park

Build 4 small parks and have a pop. of 50,000


Raise education level to 100

Nuclear Power Station

Raise education level to 115

Opera House

Build 3 museums and 3 art museums

Recycling Plant

Build one landfill zone

Solar Power Plant

Reach year 2000

Art museum

Raise education to level 90

Basketball court

Build 2 of : Tennis courts, baseball fields and playgrounds

Bus stop

Reach 1920

High school

Rasie education level to 75

House of worship

Population of 4,000

Large Garden

Build 4 small gardens and have a population of 50,000