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posted by ilovewii (LONG BEACH, CA) Dec 30, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

15 out of 16 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

I liked it, having four or five different ages of cities to play as changes it up and makes it fun and interesting. I also like choosing from europe, asia, mid east, or america as you advance through the ages. all the different civs play a little different too. Americas more industrialized than europe and mid east. This one also doesn't have all the annoying people complaining about every little thing five times each. And no stupid little mini games.
Graphics are ok not the greatest: 6.5
Game play is fun and addictive: 7
Theres stuff to go back to and other different civs to play as so it makes u want to come back and play it, so i give it an 8.

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A City Sim for the Ages

posted by Guiltl3ss (SPOKANE, WA) Nov 5, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

15 out of 17 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Sim City has been strong for nearly two decades and has gone through many iterations. The latest, Sim City Creator for the DS is no exception.

The Premise is quite simple: build a city and make your people happy and safe. Anyone who has played Sim City before, however, knows this is not all the simple. With mass transit networks, public services, parks, zoning, and disasters, the game is quite complex. Sim City Creator (SCC) has two modes where you will be doing this: Challenge Mode and Freeplay. Challenge mode has goals for each stage of your city and allows you to unlock additional maps/time periods for Free Play. Free Play is a sandbox mode for a particular time period and is more akin to traditional Sim City.

Challenge Mode really makes the DS Sim City stand out from it's predecessors, as it makes the game MUCH more accessible. You start out with Stone Age people and can only build roads and housing. Gradually you get more buildings as needed and it steadily ramps up the difficulty. You transition to different time periods and the process starts all over again. You also get to choose how you advance. There are two medieval and three different industrial ages, changing the game slightly and adding replayability.

The controls work fairly well. I did use the undo feature a lot as the accuracy of the stylus leaves some to be desired. THe sound and music of the game is very SIm City, so if you like it there will be no problem. If not, playing without sound is easy; disasters will stop gameplay.

Overall, the game is quite good and is worth a try. IF you like SIm City, you'll love this (at least for 8-10 hours), but if you're not into city simulators you might want to look elsewhere.

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Very Good

simcity creator review

posted by fablenight (FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO) May 24, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

14 out of 18 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

In this game you come into a small town that can grow into a huge city. there are 2 ways to play,challenge or freeplay. in challenge you start from the dawn of civilation. then you move to either european renaissance or open asia age you complete all three by gaining population. then you move to the european industrial age, american prosperity age or asia development age. final you move to present day this is a tough time you have to worry about all lot but most of all pollution. use trees parks and others to overcome it. you complete those by reaching 100% in freeplay you chose from the time periods you beat in challenge chose an avalible map then must over come natural disasters such as earthquakes tornadoes riots and more in both modes. build massive landmarks and amaze your sims.make your city big good and powerful.passwords can unlock more maps NOT TIME is a password that helps me it makes you get 99999999 dollars you go to opitoins then go to the bottom final click on passwords and type in moneybags all CAPS.that is the review i hope helps you.this is fablenight signing off see you later

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