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Not the original Sims game

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jan 28, 2009

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You should notice that by the title that its about animals but you might not think thats all there is. And thats all there is. I love Sims games and i honestly dont know why theyre making so many weird Sims games recently. I think that the first type of Sims games where there's actually people in it are better than this one because it actually keeps me entertained. But really with this one you feed animals and then they start to trust you, so they get more comfortable with you and then you can pet them and stuff like that. And once they like you enought you can take them with you, which i still dont understand, but whatever. Theres a pretty big variety of animals and once you get enough animals to like you, you get more areas and stuff like that, but there really isnt much to it. There isnt any online mode. The graphics are average Wii graphics. I really wish EA would start making the normal type of Sims games, but they really need to stop making these weird and honestly useless Sims games. Try it out, but you prouble wont like it enough to play it for more than a few hours.

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