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SimAnimals Africa


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33 ratings

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Game Details

  • Release Date 10/27/2009
  • Publisher Electronic Arts
  • Platform DS
  • Genre Strategy/Sim
  • Number of Players 1
  • Wireless Players 2

Comic Mischief

Game Description

Things get a little wild in this SimAnimals sequel! Journey to Africa and interact with lions, gorillas, elephants, and other exotic animals in their native habitats. With a talking parrot as your guide, you'll travel across the African landscape. Get to know the animals you encounter, then use their special abilities to help you along on your adventure. Complete challenges to unlock new areas, animals, and bonus items. Have a friend join your safari to trade animals and cooperate to complete the journey even faster. You'll use the DS Mic and Stylus to interact with the animals and your environment. And, if you talk to your parrot, he'll repeat what you say!

Critic Reviews

GamesRadar Review (7.0 out of 10)

SimAnimals Africa Africa sure looks like everywhere else There isn’t much to separate Africa from the first SimAnimals. You’re still in charge of a range of environments (savannah, jungle, river), each containing animals and plants to be looked after. There ...more

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Specs & Requirements

Wireless DS Multi-Card Play (1-2)

Modes Wi-Fi Co-op 2, Simulation

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