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What Happened Here?

posted by WadeWatts5 (WADESBORO, NC) Aug 13, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

i have loved Silent Hill since the first one for Playstation. It is still the scariest game in my opinion. This series has always been known for its chilling story, its scary enemies (we all know who Pyramid Head is) and its terrible movies. That's why I was so excited when this game was announced. I didn't even mind when they said it would be retelling the original story. Normally that would be a problem, as many had with the new DMC.
When I started the game up, I really interested in this whole "Psychological Profile" thing and how it would affect the game. It does so subtly, which is amazing. The story is beyond great to me. You're in a first person view talking with Dr. Kauffman, a psychiatrist. These segments separate the chapters. You play as Harry Mason, looking for his daughter Cheryl. You run around a foggy Silent Hill doing so. The new locations are awesome, giving the town a modern feel. The creepiness is amplified by it as well. Running through the dark woods with only a flashlight is terrifying.
The problem comes in the gameplay itself. There is no combat system. When coming upon an enemy, you have to run. There is a set path that will lead you to safety, otherwise you're dead. Silverlight flares will hold off enemies, allowing you to escape for a bit. You used your phone and flashlight to search areas for clues and audio, learning of a family that's been falling apart for years. This aspect wasn't nearly as bad as trying to run from bad guys. I'm not sure why they went with this style instead of regular combat, and it really held the game back from being really enjoyable. The story is what kept it going for me, but i had to really want to see the ending.
With an extremely frustrating gameplay system, but an AMAZING story, this game earns a middle 5. I would say to look into it. Have a friend play it. The endings are very typical of Silent Hill and almost make up for the terrible game mechanics.

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Innovative and fresh

posted by EQOAnostalgia (NEW YORK MILLS, NY) Apr 27, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I haven't played a Silent Hill game in YEARS, after all the bad reviews i just stayed away and played other games. Well after playing this i have put the rest of them in my Q! I can only hope they have a story this well written!

It's basically a rehash of the original and that's just fine by me. The atmosphere they created here makes you forget team silent has retired from the series! The music is just as amazing as the older games and is now perfectly seemless.

The use of the wiimote here is perfectly executed in every way! Using it as a flashlight and replacing the right analog stick is genious. Also the way they used it as a cell phone was very interesting. You can even call various numbers you find but they often just serve as filler, though sometimes pretty funny.

All in all this ranks as one of my favorite games in recent memory but it's not without it's flaws. The chase scenes can be a bit frustrating at times and the game just doesn't feel as scary as the originals did.

Mostly due to the fact that you aren't being chased all the time, you will know when it's time to run and when it's time to just explore casually. It just detracts from the sense of dread and confusion the others created so well.

There is no fighting in this version which oddly enough im perfectly okay with. Harry is just a dad looking for his daughter and that does help to make you feel more vulnerable.

The way everything changes into nightmare mode in this one is really cool and on a side note i think would look amazing if put to film, like say finishing up the trilogy of movies and using Harry as the main protagonist.

Silent Hill Shattered memories is a great way to spend your weekend with the lights off and the sound up! Game on!

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Loved It!

posted by DMW (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I absolutely loved this game. I've been on a Silent Hill kick here recently, but unfortunately, I only have a Wii and a PS3, so can only play some of the newer games of SH. I've played Downpour, Homecoming, and now SM.

I though Shattered Memories was amazing. Yes, it does deviate from the original Silent Hills in the sense of the snow and ice instead of ash and rust and stuff, but the storyline is what made me love it so much. Also, I never had much luck defeating some of the monsters in the other games so I really liked the fact that in this one, all you had to do was run away from them. The Nightmare parts were extremely frustrating at times though, because I was always getting completely lost and turned around and would just happen to end up making my way out of it.

The one thing I really liked and found interesting was the psychological profiling that the game did (however, I made the mistake of starting the game with my mom in the room which made answering some of the questions extremely awkward). But the profiling really made it feel like the game was getting inside of your head, and reading the analysis at the end while the credits are rolling can show just how accurately the game was reading you in regards to your answers.

All in all, if you can get over the fact that there's snow and ice instead of the fog and Otherworld from the other games and appreciate the overall storyline, this game is definitely worth a try.

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