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Glitchy mess.

posted by spidergrrl (HARRIMAN, TN) Dec 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

I am a long-time, avid lover of Silent Hill games and was so excited when another game was coming out.

About twenty minutes into this one, I started feeling a deep feeling of dread in my stomach, and it wasn't because the game was scary. The new concept (especially for the Wii controllers) and the story seem like they would've been interesting, but there were WAY too many glitches involved to ever find out.

You are occasionally faced with "Nightmare" episodes in which you cannot defend yourself save to run toward vaguely glowing blue spots/doors/cliffs and hope you're going in the right direction. Now, that sounds tough, and it is since you're using the Wiimote as a flashlight, but that's not what makes this game bad.

What makes this game bad is that as you're running for those blue spots, the Nunchuck, which you use for movement, will sometimes not work at all. And yes, I checked, it works fine on all other games. At one point, I could only strafe and not run forward. Not conducive to staying alive against the Evil Nurses. At other occasions of running through the gauntlet of blue spots, the video would skip and lag and then catch up, spinning your main out of control and leaving you with no idea which direction you were heading.

I've also seen video now of a third arm that appears mid-game, holding your cell phone in front of you as your two "real" arms swing by your sides. The cell phone obstructs a LARGE portion of the screen.

The Wiimote flashlight continuously spins out of control, even when it's being held still (this was replicated using fresh batteries and a different Wiimote as well).

Overall, what could have been an interesting and different sort of game ends up being so unplayable that, well, I stopped playing it. It's a little disheartening to know I'll be missing a title in the Silent Hill franchise, but I know that when the game becomes so frustrating I want to throw the controller, it's time to find a new game.


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Losing the point of silent hill

posted by Radjulon (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Dec 20, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is suppose to be a remake of the very first Silent Hill, while the story is kind of the same I think there has been something very lost in translation which is evident. The point of the Silent Hill genre is to make you feel completely lost, alone, scared and confused, bringing you completely out of your comfort zone. And yet suddenly here we are, with a handy dandy phone and very shiny glowing blue areas to help you out of Nightmare mode.
Admittedly the game creepy factor wasn't completely absent, in fact the beginning of the game was creepy, before any monsters had even arrived, because you were just waiting for something horrible to happen. And then when something finally did, all of your previous fear had conveniently disappeared, probably because these are the most non frightening monsters I have ever seen in the silent hill series.
The controls were clunky, they might play better off of the Wii system, and there is nothing more annoying then only having a tiny circle of sight in the entire city which is your flash light, I understand dark environments are scary, but 100% black environments don't work.
Over all the game had some interesting aspects to it, like the psychiatrist thing was fun, not necessarily sure if it was needed, as Silent Hill 1 through 4 managed to creep people out just fine without needed to analyze ever one, but it's a very interesting concept. Personally I wish Team Silent would get back together and claim what is rightfully theirs because at this rate Silent Hill is slowly dieing, and that is a sad thing.
If your a fan of Silent Hill I would say play it just to play it, if your just trying out the series for the first time, I suggest you rent the real one first, or at least start with Silent Hill 2.

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still good

posted by DaaMan (Martinsburg, WV) Dec 16, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

real freaky game. love silent hill.however all you can do is run there isnt any fighting. you get a flashlight & have to solve the case which is your life. ending is messed up wont tell but youve seen it before kinda.hope to see more silent hill games but lets go back to the old way

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