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Very Good

A Traditional Silent Hill this is not.

posted by Gilgameshh (CINCINNATI, OH) Jul 13, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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If you go into Silent Hill: Shattered Memories expecting the traditional tank controls protagonist with a pipe in the midst of a bunch of a child's psychological cult monsters, you're going to be disappointed. Silent Hill: SM is a flawed gem, and the only reason I'm giving it an 8 is based on how much I loved the story. Trust me, it's enough to redeem the repetitive sections.
The flaws of this game are the ice world sections. At first, they were tense and frightening. The no combat aspect really helps to put you on edge. But, each ice world section is more or less the same, and I never even payed attention to the hiding mechanic. It stops being scary and starts being very FRUSTRATING. You end up turning yourself around a lot, before you figure out the 'bread crumbs' each ice world level gives you. Each time you die, you just start back at the beginning of that ice level. The last ice world section of the game was one of the most frustrating parts in recent gaming I've put myself through.
Though, the game is still redeemable. The atmosphere is incredibly eerie and bleak, which fits the story of the game perfectly. Silent Hill is still very ghost town-like, and the presence of snow helps the cold, lonely feel of it all to hit home. The story is, at its core, still Silent Hill 1. They tweaked a few things, but never strayed from the original formula of the first game (aside from crazy cultist stuff). At the end of the game, after the big reveal at the lighthouse, I felt myself frozen in my seat for a few minutes. It's a very depressing ending, and depending on the ending you get, it could be even more so. The story is worth the wade through the tedious ice world sections, which are pretty short once you get the hang of them.
There are a lot of things they didn't do right with Silent Hill: SM, but the things they DID do right certainly outweigh the flaws. You're either going to love this game or hate it, and I know I loved it.

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posted by Templar0384 (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) Aug 19, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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As a SH fan of the first three games, I am really disappointed with this one. I don't like the story/character changes one bit.

The most frustrating part are the nightmare sequences where you are chased by really plain looking monsters and you have no way to kill them or heal yourself. They jump on you and you have to shake them off with the wii mote and nunchuck which is harder than it sounds. They slow you down and then a bunch of other monsters creep up and jump on you, too. So you're pretty much screwed when they're all gathered around you. Flares help, but there's not nearly enough to last the whole time. The more they grab you the more damage you take and the slower you run. To add insult to injury most of the corridors look all the same so it feels like you're going in circles, as it's pretty easy to get turned around. You'll work up a sweat doing this both from physically waving the wii mote and from the frustration. Other than that I can't describe how upsetting these sequences were. I gave up during one in the middle of the game and am sending the disc back.

Other things I disliked about the game was that you have to listen to messages on your phone, but most of them were unintelligible because of static.

I also thought some of the questions were too personal. I wouldn't recommend playing this with someone or having someone watch you play it, because some of the questions are about your sexuality and it can be a tad uncomfy.

I did like how interactive the game was and I was interested in learning more about the story, but that doesn't make up for how unplayable this game is.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Would be the best Silent Hill-if it were the first

posted by DocHoliday (Omaha, NE) Dec 26, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

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I can with hesitation say that this is the best use of the Wii controls in any game I've played. If you're familiar with the Silent Hill gameplay, then you'll understand how using the controller as a flashlight really heightens the feeling of "being in the game".

Add to it that there are a few (very few) objects that you can interact with in a physical manner. You hold A+B to grab objects (drawers and such) and manipulate them with the stick. Not a new concept for Wii games, but well done and well integrated into the Silent Hill genre.

I say this would be the best Silent Hill if it were the first because there have been five Silent Hills already and players have come to expect certain things as well as become tired of certain things. If you come into this game with a clean slate, then it will fascinate and intrigue you. If you come in with the baggage of previous Silent Hills, then it will feel familiar and something will certainly urk you.

In most of the Silent Hills, you can "beat on" the monsters that assault you. In this one you can not. The "otherworld" scenes that Silent Hill players are accustom to are now just chase scenes. In a way it is refreshing because it allows you to explore the "normal" world without physical fear, just psychological fascination. But it also removes that sense of fear from just. walking around.

The story itself is interesting enough. It doesn't stand up to the wealth of perverse scenarios brought up in the previous game, but unlike them, it makes some sense in the end; which is a good thing.

To conclude, if you've never played Silent Hill, play this one first; it's worth it. If you've played Silent Hill before, try to to forget you have and play this one with an open mind.

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