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Silent Hill: Origins


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Silent Hill: Origins

posted by JadeBH (JACKSON, MI) Mar 10, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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Of all the games in the Silent Hill series, this is the only one that turned out to be a big disappointment. Even the first Silent Hill out does this thrown together programming. Sure, the graphics are good, but graphics alone do not make a game worth playing.

One hour into the game, and I had enough of the clunky controls, lack of camera control, and weapons that spontaneously disintegrate. How exactly do you break a tire iron anyway? The attacks are extremely slow, he can't run more than a half block without running out of breath (and you'll be doing a lot of running, those monsters will kill you in a few hits), and you can't even kick them while they're down. That's right, no stomping on them to kill them, one of the most endearing traits of previous Silent Hills.

If you're looking for a decent horror survival game, where you can hunt down and systematically destroy monsters, save your money. There are better games out there.

If you can't live without playing Silent Hill, go back and beat first four again. At least you won't be wishing for that hour of your life back.

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the origin of the series..

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Mar 11, 2008

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This silent hill game's controls are much better than the the 3rd one. If you play silent hill before than you know the silent hill formula and what to expect in the game.. There are two things that i want to change about this game.. is its breakable weapons (most are useless after 5-6 slashes) and of how you can't run..The graphic is designed to add more fear element along with its camera view (you can't control the camera). If you like horror games.. you should give this a try!

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A poor translation

posted by Vernefrax (PERRY HALL, MD) Jul 23, 2008

Member since May 2003

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What should have been a great translation of the PSP's first horror title has instead turned out to be a rushed port that suffers a number of unfortunate bugs.

Origins is a prequel that begins prior to the events in the original Silent Hill. You play as Travis Grady, a truck driver with a shadowy past who finds himself in Silent Hill from the outset. Unlike other protagonists, Travis is a bit more handy with weapons - particularly his fists. Because of his punching capability, Travis is never truly unarmed against the demonic denizens of Silent Hill, though his punches can't make up for the other issues plaguing this title.

The story is spot on, and the spooky atmosphere is exactly what attracts fans to the series. Unfortunately the visuals suffer a bit of blockiness and pixellation - likely a result of development on the PSP. Controlling Travis proves to vary between simple and difficult depending on the situation. Konami has included an exhaustion system that prevents Travis from always running, forcing him to take frequent breaks to catch his breath. While this looks good on paper to increase the tension, it only serves to frustrate the players as exhaustion strikes at the most inopportune times, often resulting in a monster sneaking in a few extra hits. Health and energy drinks are spare while enemies are numerous. Combined with poor camera controls (I experienced more than one camera bug that left the point-of-view stuck while Travis kept going - resulting in death and a forced reload), the newly revamp-ed combat system is more disappointing than welcome.

For any SH fan without a PSP, Origins is worth playing if you can overlook the flaws. Otherwise, stick with the PSP original and save yourself a few headaches.

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