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GF Rating

Really Bad

15 Minutes was all I could give this garbage

posted by drunknspid (COLUMBUS, OH) Apr 14, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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Since I'm limited on how much I can say I'll just list the negatives.. there really are no positive points so don't worry.
1. The graphic are a straight port from the PSP, bland, DARK and very blocky, this is worse than Silent Hill 2, which for it's time was pretty Effing good.

2. The camera makes you want to throw the controller, seriously the PS2 has 2 toggle sticks, can we please use them?

3. Combat is repetitive and your weapons break. I'm all for some changes but how can you break a hammer after killing one monster? Apparently Konami has never heard of Craftsman

4. You can see absolutly nothing but where your flashlight is pointed, everything and I do mean everything else is black.

Avoid this game, save your rental days for something worthwhile, revisit one of the other Silent Hills, but don't rent this game, its horrid. I'd rather have dental work done.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A true Silent Hill fan's review

posted by achgfd (Columbia, MO) Mar 20, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

7 out of 12 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

Ok so I this game isn't as good as silent hill 2 or 3, its much better than 4 and I can't remember much of 1 to make a proper judgment. But reading one of these reviews made me angry that you people are getting the wrong information.
This silent hill goes back to some of the better parts of the silent hill series. The puzzles are similar and the style is the same. This game got my heart pounding. I would go into a room, completely empty... leave... come back and woah! There's a monster right in my face. The setting is eerie and the sound quality is outstanding. I want to look over my shoulder every few feet just to make sure. These monster's aren't painfully obvious or in your face like in other action adventure games, no they like to sneak up on you.
The story is similar to the other silent hills, except the main character doesn't seem to have something drawing him to Silent Hill other than the fact that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time... similar to Silent Hill 4. Some true silent hill fans might not like this factor, but if you love the effect and style of the games you can ignore the missing pieces in the story line.
One main factor that other people had problems with is the breakable weapons. This is a new introduction to the Silent Hill series and it makes the battle system more difficult than in the other games. What I've noticed though as that when one weapon breaks, I find another one nearby. It's also helpful that you don't need weapons and can fight enemies with your bare fists. You can also stomp on monsters to finish them off. If you just walk up to them and press X. If you don't do this, they keep coming back so make sure you finish them before leaving.
All in all I love Silent Hill! This game is difficult at first, but once you figure out how to handle the monsters it gets better. The sound, story, and picture is amazing. This is a game that's challenging, beautiful, action packed, and has gripping storyline.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

So disappointed..

posted by Jeangrey00 (JOHNSON CITY, NY) Mar 10, 2008

Member since Dec 2003

7 out of 13 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

After waiting this long for this game to come out, then waiting for it to hit the PS2, I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this game. Is it pretty? For a PS2 game, it's graphics are ok. Is the sound good? Definitely. The sound effects and music (especially the actual songs) are classic Silent Hill, and for that they are wonderful.

And that's it, folks. That's the entirety of the good points of this game. The story is pretty weak and does not go into the complete origins of Silent Hill, it's just all about Allesa.

Travis is a mediocre main character at best, and lacks almost anything to make him interesting. Ok, that's not entirely accurate. He's the only main character thus far to have the cajones to hit one of the Silent Hill critters barehanded, and for that I'll give him a few points. Other than that, he's got nothing going for him.

The voice acting is sub-par for most of the characters, and for a high profile title like a Silent Hill game that's just plain unacceptable.

The combat system is GOD AWFUL. Most of your weapons break in a few hits, which I'm not entirely opposed to, but the problem is that when your weapons break and enemies keep respawning you're in deep trouble. Oh, and health items are even fewer and farther between than in any other Silent Hill title I've played (which is all of them except the Japanese-only mobile phone game).

The lighting is /terrible/. Now I know a Silent Hill game is supposed to be dark. I'd be upset if they made one that was perfectly well lit throughout the whole game. But when the only area you can see /at all/ is directly in the flashlight's path and nothing else, it's not good.

The camera is not controllable, and often gives you almost no ability to actually see what's around you. Half the time it's putting your view at really bizarre angles that (I guess) are supposed to be scary, but just end up annoying.

There's much more that's bad about this, but I'm out of room. Avoid this game.

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