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Silent Hill: Origins


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On the Brink of Greatness

posted by mctuttle (KENOSHA, WI) May 15, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

Everything about this game is awesome except for three things: 1. Having no control of the camera is the sole reason why you will end up having trouble fighting some of the creatures. 2. Whenever passing through a door into a new area, the scene opens with the camera facing your face. As a result, you have to move forward in order to get the camera behind you and by that time the bad guys have hurt you, usually. If you just wait there the get close enough to hurt you too. These camera issues are the same annoying limitation to the Resident Evil series. 3. When you have downed an enemy and want to stomp on its neck before it gets up, it is hit or miss on whether you can line up in the correct spot due to the action function's indiscernible range and the aforementioned camera problems. The same issue effects picking up some items at times, too.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Silent Hill Origins.... Somebody turn on a light

posted by TheNever (TAUNTON, MA) Apr 30, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

The game was awesome... I am really into the Silent Hill series, I've played and beaten the first 4, and now being able to have a much better understanding from playing Origins, is amazing. It followed the movie a lot, which was nice because the movie was very well made and followed the story line from the games almost perfectly. ((The movie wasn't made for everybody, it was actually focused on people who've played the games before -- Unlike some other movie/game makers ((resident evil))))

But the only downside to the game was, it was a lot darker than the other Silent Hill games. I had to screw with the brightness and contrast on my TV for a good 30 minutes before even reaching the town. (( I like to at least see things when my flashlight is off))

The bosses were also fairly easy, when I can kill the first boss just by throwing a couple filing cabinets and typewriters, that doesn't say much for a possessed demon child creature thing.

Aside from a few set backs, the game was fun. It had it's intense scenes and parts of playtime that really made me have to turn the system off, turn the lights on, and actually take a break and step back into reality.

It took me approximately 13 hours to finish the game, it was spread out within a weeks time.

I'd say if you're into puzzle solving, wall to wall searches for med packs and ammo, and creepy cool RPG's, then get this. No real need to have played the other SILENT HILL games, but the ending is an eye opener for anybody who's played Silent Hill 3. :-)



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GF Rating

Above Average

Silent Hill Origins

posted by foxman1181 (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Apr 25, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Well I just got done playing this game, but I must say I prefer the PSP version over this one. The controls are horribly delayed, because it takes Travis one second to start running when holding the square button and the screen is too dark to read unless you brighten your tv to the max. The save screen is a little awkward as it doesn't have a solid feel. For instance if you save your game, you have a hard time reading the text and deciding whether you are saving or canceling.

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