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340hero review

posted by iam340hero (CHATSWORTH, CA) Sep 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

this game is awesome this so far for me is by far the best silent. i have beaten all the parts of the series. the room, part 3, etc.. anyways this game has great graphics. the game play is so much better then the other ones. there's new options camera wise. new fight sequences cool characters its got a great ambiance of horror.

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This game

posted by Queen_Derpy (COLUMBUS, GA) Jan 2, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I love this game. There are a few bad points. The camera style works better in the PSP version, but it still works. With the wepons breaking part, there is a new hammer, meat cleaver, TV, ect whenever you turn your head. The battles tend to repeat, and it will get really annoying. There is not alot if varification among the monsters, which can be good and bad. Its bad because fightin the same thing tends to make you slam the controller on the floor (at lease me anyways). And good because you quickly learn how to take each monster down. The bosses are very cool. They are easy for experienced players, but if your new to Silent Hill, I recomend spending ALOT of time lokking for health drinks, ampoules, first aid kits, and weaponds. You are going to need them. One last thing, don't be freaked out, the osund effects are the scarriest part of this game. Other than walking out of a room with 3 nurses trolling you.

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Not a bad addition to the series

posted by MOONSTAR (WILTON, CA) Jul 30, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

This game seemed promising when i first rented it, and it provided a few great aspects.
this game, first and foremost, explains much of why things happened in the original silent hill, such as how Harry Mason and his wife found Cheryl. It also explains much about Silent hills cult, including Dalhia Gallespie and Michael Kaufmen.
Silent Hill Origins also had a unique way of traveling between silent Hill and the Otherworld through mirrors with a bloody handprint allowing escape from the Classic rusty realm.
All this is going on through the eyes of Travis Grady, a truck driver who, as you will see, will play a huge role in the events taking place in the timeline of the Entire series.
Not much went wrong, the worlds were erie as always, enemiesas scarypuzzles as teeth grinding ( for me at least ;)) though if i had to point out flaws, id have to say would be the weapons. your weapons will break easily and at some point you will have to fist fight, which was probvided for the first time in the series.
this game is not have bad, it has many excellant elements and provides insight into the original story. it is a great addition to have to your silent hill collection.

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