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Silent Hill: Origins


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Finish the game once and you'll unlock invisibility.

Savior Accolade - Lonely Moon Leather Outfit

Beaten the game once (Reward: Moon Gauntlets)

Sharpshooter Accolade - Survivalist Clothes

Killed 75% or more monsters with firearms

Sprinter Accolade - Cross Training Clothes

Beaten the game less than 2 hours (Reward: No fatigue when worn)

Stalker Accolade - Black Ops Outfit

Had the flashlight on less than 3 hours (Reward: Night Vision Goggles)

Weaponsmith Accolade - Streetfighter Clothes

Killed 75% or more monsters with melee weapons

Sword and Shield

Finish the with only five saves and you'll unlock the sword and shield.

Cartographer Accolade - Cartographer Outfit

Looked at map less than 25 times

Codebreaker Accolade - Vincent

Entered the Konami code U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,X,O during anytime on your next game

Collector Accolade - Collector Outfit

Collected more than 300 items

Daredevil Accolade - Dog Fursuit

Never saved the game once

Explorer Accolade - Explorer Outfit

Walked more than 22.5 km

Fireman Accolade - Fireman Uniform

Saved Alessa from the house in less than 80 seconds (Reward: Fire Axe)

Bad Ending

Defeat 200+ enemies (Available only after beating the game once)

Good Ending

Beat the game

UFO Ending

Use the item "Room 502 Key" at the Motel

Ambassador Accolade - Starman-style Space Outift

Used the 502 room key in Riverside Motel/UFO Ending (Reward: Tesla Rifle)

Brawler Accolade - Mexican Wrestler Outfit

Killed 50% or more monsters with your fists

Butcher Accolade - Bloody Clothes

Killed 100 or more monsters and beaten the game normally (Reward: Great Cleaver)