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Small-scale HORROR in your hands!

posted by pixelator (SAN RAFAEL, CA) Nov 8, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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I was never much of a Silent Hill devotee, but I did drop in to visit the PS2 version of The Room and have always enjoyed the particularly twisted take on the tortured creatures and blood-slicked atmosphere of Silent Hill. The movie was even worthwhile for its bleak vision and the wonderfully disturbing transition to the Other Side.

Here, Komami has attempted to shoehorn in elements of the movie Silent Hill with the previous game iterations, taking a game that made its name on consoles to the small screen.

Impressively, they seem to have hit the major issues. This is definitely a latter-gen PSP title, because load times, controls and visuals are all pretty well polished. Brief load delays going through doors don't halt the action for more than a 3 or 4 seconds, the controls have been suitably simplified for PSP and a new inventory system allows quick flipping between the destructible weapons and items.

Speaking of weapons, just about all manner of objects in Origins is fair game. A TV set, for example, proves an effective if one-time attack. I wasn't sure I'd like weapons that 'went bad' after a while, but they work to keep your inventory clear and there's no shortage of stuff to use. It becomes a bit of a challenge to make sure you save the more lethal items for bosses, though, so it's not a walk in the park.

And what a walk this game is... Visually, it feels every bit as disturbing and eerie as the console predecessors. Enemy entities are disjointed and appear alarmingly, although it's not a heart-attack shockfest like Condemned, for example. But still, the music and graphics suit the Silent Hill aesthetic perfectly.

In short, the action and plot are simple yet really no more than what you'd want on a portable. It's not a 'pick up and play' title, however, delivering a rather complete Silent Hill experience on the PSP, which many will find worthy of acclaim in and of itself.

One last note - turn the lights off and put the headphones on! It works...

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GF Rating

Very Good

good game overall

posted by bunnybear (FITCHBURG, MA) Nov 19, 2007

Member since May 2007

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first off, i'm a hardened silent hill fan. i've played (and currently own) all of the silent hill games and i enjoyed (and own) the movie. the gameplay for origins is enjoyable. the disposable weapons system is a neat idea, mostly because they give you so many weapons to choose from (what other game takes itself seriously AND gives you a toaster in your arsenal?). the monster designs were pretty incredible, my favorite being the ghost with the headgear (you'll see what i mean) one of my biggest complaints however, stem from the hype of the game. there was no "barricade system" like gamefly advertised. not once did a monster follow me through a door, nor did i have to "barricade" the door for when they did. i was sort of looking forward to that aspect and was consiquently disappointed when it didn't come into play.
as short as the game was, it seems to have plenty of replayablity in the form of unlockable weapons (unbreakable, or in the case of firearms, infinite ammo) and plenty of new costumes, most of which come with unlockable weapons (or they just make Travis look cool) i sincerely hope you enjoy the game as much as i did.

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GF Rating



posted by AiriCjaY (FALLS CHURCH, VA) Feb 9, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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I haven't played any of the silent hill titles before this one. I must say that playing this one makes me want to go back and play the others as well. Beautiful graphics and gameplay was smooth. It wasn't too scary, however it did have me jump in my seat once or twice. I think this game is a must try for fans of the genre and even those that aren't fans will have a good time with this game. 10/10 no complaints here.

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