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Very Good

Frustrating but oooh so good

posted by EmbryonicG (BRONX, NY) Mar 20, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

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This game would have gotten a 9.5 from me originally if some of the smog and nurse enemies weren't so dang hard to defeat. The AI is totally inconsistent at times being real easy and other times being impossible. The few and very far apart save points make this even more frustrating. There is only one save point in every level and levels are vast and filled with enemies.

That being said the game has its stroke of genius in the atmosphere and pacing. It is very creepy and scary and you collect weapons and items to help you move further into a level at just the right times. If only the combat and the saves would have been better.

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Homecoming Crowned Folks!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Oct 3, 2008

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81 out of 96 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

The game by far is my new favorite Silent Hill of the series! The gameplay is quite different, graphics are very vibrant, lush, & the creatures in the game are very detailed & of course the classic creepy music with the everlasting fog just like all the other Silent Hill games.

The introduction alone creeped me out, I do encourage to a great deal to definitely rent this game for those who don’t know much about Silent Hill, I will not be getting much sleep now that I have it! I will be the mentor thru the series at your disposal. For Silent Hill fans I strongly recommend to buy this game. It’s worth the average price of $59.99 even though games today are expensive. Now getting more into the game.

The music is very eerie, creepy, and when you’re fighting a crawling, half-decapitated corpse, the music becomes more intense, louder & will surely creep you out! I say that with much enthusiasm. The gameplay is different, you’re using & abiding by more tactical skill to survive in the environment & throughout the entire game from start to finish. The series of this game has always & believe will not disappoint with the length of play, very vivid characters, great storytelling & dialog.

A well done game that will be a crowd pleaser! I’m happy to say & bring out, that the character you play as, is different in the sense of how the main character was created. I just noticed it myself when I began to play, just a side note. Some & I stress some of the controls do take some getting used to, be patience & controls will become easier & smoother to follow as the game progresses. I give it still a 10 out of 10, it’s that great honestly. I hope you enjoy the game as much I have. Thank you for reading & Enjoy! Happy Gaming!

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Fog, fog, and more fog......worth the rent.

posted by juicydoubl (USAF ACADEMY, CO) Mar 13, 2009

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Story: 8/10
Silent Hill games usually have a fairly engrossing story; Homecoming doesn't differ in this aspect. You begin in Sheppard's Glen but eventually end up in Silent Hill once again. You're Alex Sheppard, and you're searching for your younger brother, Joshua. Along the way you'll delve deeper into the history of the Sheppard's, Sheppard's Glen, and Silent Hill, with a twist or two thrown in as usual.

Gameplay: 6/10
Well, the environments are creepy as heck and you'll find all the usual SH weapons along the way, but Homecoming throws in a new dodging feature in the combat, and this really seems to introduce more problems than it does benefits. The combat isn't as smooth as you'd hope. There are light attacks and charged heavy attacks, which can be combined, but the combat tends to get boring after a few enemies. The various bosses are quite impressive.

Sound: 9/10
Creepy soundtrack and decent voice acting.

Technical: 6/10
Too many bugs/glitches. There is a good chance you will end up having to restart in certain areas of the game b/c of technical difficulties i.e., getting stuck, randomly losing necessary items, etc....

One thing I found impressive about SH:H is how gruesome the game can be. There are a few cutscenes that are pretty brutal. The downside is that part of the game feels like you're playing 'Hostel', which kind of seems like a rip off.

Conclusion: 7/10 overall
If you're a SH fan, Homecoming is pretty similar to all the other games, and you should check it out if you haven't. To everyone else, it's a good game. While it has it's flaws, I recommend the rental. It's about a nine hour game. There are 5 different endings and a couple of unlockable weapons, so that replayability is there.

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