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Silent Hill: Homecoming


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Bonus Ending Scene

Collect all 11 photos to get a bonus ending scene.

Deputy Alex

Obtain the "UFO" Ending

Order Soldier Outfit

Obtain the "Drowning" Ending

Orderly Alex

Obtain the "Hospital" Ending

Trucker Alex

Obtain the "Good" Ending

Circular Saw(used by curtis)

On your second play through, it is found in the Shepherd's family garage.

Laser Pistol

In a second play though, it is found in Joshua's room on top of his foot locker

Bogeyman ending

Dont forgive his father, dont mercy kill mother, and then save wheeler.

Drowning ending

Dont forgive his father, and mercy kill his mother

Good ending

Forgive Alex's father and show his mother mercy by killing her.

Hospital ending

Forgive his father and do not kill his mother.

UFO ending (you knew it was there)

mustn't forgive thy father or mercy kill thy mother, but must save Wheeler.

Bogeyman Helmet

Obtain the "Bogeyman" Ending