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Why all the Hate guys?

posted by MOONSTAR (WILTON, CA) Jul 3, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

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Silent hill HD collection provides Gamers to enjoy Silent hill 2 & 3 on next gen consoles. people complain about the controls and the claustraphobia inducing darkness and the camera angles, but ignore the good stuff.
Both games provide excellant stories, a number of both fun and irritating puzzles, a variety of scary monsters to battle and unforgettable characters.
To make things even better they enhanced the graphics and improved the Voice acting, making the games look and sound spiffy for the 360 and PS3. Some people complain about how the new voices dont fit the characters or that the graphics arent that good, but they are wrong. sure the graphics arent Resident evil 5 or Call of Duty good, but they fit the bill, and the voice acting? well thats their opinion. i personally have no problem with it.

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Scary Sloooooooow Moooooooo....not so scary.

posted by MetalGears (CRYSTAL LAKE, IL) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Silent Hill 2 and 3 are 2 of my top 10 games. Mind you Fatal Frame 2 and Xenosaga trilogy rate above it however they are 6th (3) and 5th (2) on my favorite games list. This port however butchers the series in such a way I thought impossible. The game was so terrible Konami released a day 1 patch that fixed....absolutely nothing.

Silent Hill 2 suffers slow downs and the new voice overs are horrendous to the point I'm happy they released it with the original voice overs. However the voices are out of sync and sometimes I feel like i'm watching a chinese dubbed movie with the way the lips move and the voices speak. The HD graphics are crisp, however the game suffers lag at times. It feels like i'll be running at regular speed, 60 frames per second, then I suddenly drop to about 5 or 6 frames.

Silent Hill 3 suffers all the problems above...however at a more constant pace. The slow down accounts for 90% of the game. What should have taken a speed runner 2 hours and 15 mins to complete (my last speed run time, knowing where everything was, on easy) took 4 hours and 10 mins however the game still logged me at 2 hours and 9 mins. The slowdown is THAT bad. The new voice overs are horrible, however konami in this case couldnt release the original voices due to Heather Morris not signing off on her voice work. People claim they couldn't find her however its the same Heather Morris who voiced Cheryl Mason in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories so Konami has her contact info. The new voices are so terrible I muted the game and put on a series of cutscenes on my laptop and hooked in Headphones to play when a cutscene played. The only actress who seems to care in Either game is the new Heather, at least she sounds invested, the other guys just phone it in.

If you want to play these games in crisp clear definition, buy a 25 dollar Playstation 2, grab Silent Hill 2 Greatest Hits, and Silent hill 3, and hook it up with a Component cable. Still cheeper than this watered down port

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If you want to play the worst HD port of your life

posted by fungo (ONALASKA, WI) Apr 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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If you want to play the worst HD port of your life, then SH HD Collection is for you!

First, Silent Hill 2 HD

With extreme lag, stuttering, hitching, slow-mo, frame-skipping, and freezing non-stop even after a 300mb patch. The lag screws with the controls, making turning more difficult and quick-turn a hit-or-miss. The lag also has a hand in putting the horrible, awful new voice overs out of sync by 2 to 5 seconds!

The audio is garbage. Bad volume levels, wrong pitch for monsters, random SFX. No stereo leveling. End credits are so distorted they will blow your eardrums. Monsters in the game had their audio swapped to a frentic mess of noise.

Graphics look terrible. Game is letterboxed during cutscenes, unless when they forget to put letterbox on. Shadows are not anti-aliased and blocky. Textures on the streets were changed to make them look freshly renovated and clean. Any prerendered CG cinematic is suffering from low bitrate and no enhancements. They all look terrible (this includes the intro and credits). Sometimes there's pop-up. Sometimes the rope/nooses don't load for the 6 hanged criminals puzzle, so they are just floating in air. Sometimes the upside-down bodies in baskets don't load in Pyramid Head's room.

There is a 2 second blackness between going through doors, or activating cutscenes. Because of this, it is hard to get anywhere fast, and you can sometimes get lost. Also because of this 2 seconds of black, it cut the suggestive scene with Pyramid Head and two mannequins in the apartments. It also cut the scene of opening a can of... lightbulbs.

New voices do not get the point, nor match their characters. The acting is not very good at all compared to the originals. The one nice thing I can say about the game is that you can play with original SH2 voices. But the game is still too laggy to sync their lips to the voices and some actors were changed anyway, like the doctor and game-show host (he is the worst).

Don't buy it. Don't even

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