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GF Rating


Underwhelming update of two awesome games.

posted by Plizzy (TRENTON, NJ) Apr 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

I honestly don't remember the controls being so awkward on the original games. When I wasn't walking into walls I was struggling to get doors open. It was so frustrating that I gave up after a few hours.

It's a shame, i was really excited for this title. If you're curious about the new voice actors it's worth a rental, but otherwise I wouldn't bother, it's just not much of an improvement over the original releases.

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GF Rating

Very Good

gotta love the classics

posted by hf57893 (APPALACHIA, VA) Apr 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

if you are a fan of the survival-horror game, then silent hill HD is a must play. better graphics and better voice acting really does silent hill 2 alot of justice. silent hill 3 also benefits from the HD improvements. if your new to these games be warned: the controls are considered to be "tank" controls, but i got used to them in a little bit of time. these games arn't what i call scary, but more like really creepy, sometimes even disturbing. i only wished they would have thrown the original silent hill in with them, but if you never played the first game don't worry you won't be lost in the story of either of them. SH 3 does have some connection to part 1, but it'll be ok i promise. both games have 5 or 6 endings and SH 2 has a sub-story with a different character, so if you get into this you have alot of reply value. trophies earned on these games are also challanging that require you to play the heck out of to get. but all in all this is a great chance to play two classics games from years before in all their glory.

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Had High Hopes

posted by DesolateEntity (ERIE, PA) Apr 6, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I never played the Silent Hill games for the PS2 when I was younger, so i had hoped that the HD collection would show me why these games are considered a classic. I read reviews of the game while I awaited its arrival from Gamefly, so I knew that I would not be experiencing the games the way they originally ran on the PS2. Regardless of the reviews I still had high hopes that I wouldn't run into any of the numerous problems that others were experiencing on the PS3 version. Even with downloading the 300 megabyte patch, the framerate in Silent Hill 2 skipped and hitched even when nothing was really happening on the screen and I felt like I was missing some audio here and there. I tried out Silent Hill 3 and did not notice any major framerate hitches, but the audio is out of sync at times. Which is a issue when you rely on your trusty radio to cue you in when there is a enemy around. I don't know if the 360 version has these same bugs, but if not I will try that version. If you can deal with the framerate and audio issues then by all means, enjoy the game, but for me, it just wasn't cutting it. I just feel with the delays the game had it should of been more polished going out the door instead of feeling like a money grab. Oh and where is Silent Hill 4 or even some PSP releases? At least Konami did right with their Metal Gear Collection.

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