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If you want to play the worst HD port of your life

posted by fungo (ONALASKA, WI) Apr 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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If you want to play the worst HD port of your life, then SH HD Collection is for you!

First, Silent Hill 2 HD

With extreme lag, stuttering, hitching, slow-mo, frame-skipping, and freezing non-stop even after a 300mb patch. The lag screws with the controls, making turning more difficult and quick-turn a hit-or-miss. The lag also has a hand in putting the horrible, awful new voice overs out of sync by 2 to 5 seconds!

The audio is garbage. Bad volume levels, wrong pitch for monsters, random SFX. No stereo leveling. End credits are so distorted they will blow your eardrums. Monsters in the game had their audio swapped to a frentic mess of noise.

Graphics look terrible. Game is letterboxed during cutscenes, unless when they forget to put letterbox on. Shadows are not anti-aliased and blocky. Textures on the streets were changed to make them look freshly renovated and clean. Any prerendered CG cinematic is suffering from low bitrate and no enhancements. They all look terrible (this includes the intro and credits). Sometimes there's pop-up. Sometimes the rope/nooses don't load for the 6 hanged criminals puzzle, so they are just floating in air. Sometimes the upside-down bodies in baskets don't load in Pyramid Head's room.

There is a 2 second blackness between going through doors, or activating cutscenes. Because of this, it is hard to get anywhere fast, and you can sometimes get lost. Also because of this 2 seconds of black, it cut the suggestive scene with Pyramid Head and two mannequins in the apartments. It also cut the scene of opening a can of... lightbulbs.

New voices do not get the point, nor match their characters. The acting is not very good at all compared to the originals. The one nice thing I can say about the game is that you can play with original SH2 voices. But the game is still too laggy to sync their lips to the voices and some actors were changed anyway, like the doctor and game-show host (he is the worst).

Don't buy it. Don't even

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posted by Mike3083 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

1 out of 7 gamers (14%) found this review helpful

I been playing this game for hours and have not got one trophy, Im always running out of health and ammo controls are dumb and enemies are to hard even on easy liked it better on ps2 atlease it had cheats bad remaster =(

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Silent hill more like blind hill

posted by mich666 (PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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I was expecting a much different game. I enjoyed the first 2 installments and this is the next I have decided to try. It was very hard to see anything, but I know that is part of the premise of the game. The thing that disappointed me was not having any type of real control of the camera movement, it was so sporatic to when or if the view would change which made it very diffucult to maneuver. I lasted approximately 20 minutes and then couldn't handle the views anymore.

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