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Also on:Xbox 360
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posted by MikeDQ (TRENTON, NJ) Aug 8, 2012

Member since May 2011

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is pretty good. I enjoyed the originals, but this set is pretty good. Skips frames and is VERY hard to move around at times, but it is a pretty good port to HD. I liked it a lot and brought me back to old times with the same scary parts. I wish it included parts 1 and 4 but thats ok too. I guess they werent big sellers compared to 2 and 3.

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Two Amazing Games, One Horrible Port

posted by mrkatamari (HYNDMAN, PA) Mar 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2008

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

I feel bad about rating these games a 3/10, and in fact I am not saying that the games themselves are bad--in fact, they're amazing--but this 'collection' is beyond bad. It's downright horrifying.

The graphics are 'cleaned up' so much that the gritty, foggy, rusted worlds are now pristine and free of tension or character. The sound, likewise, has been tampered with to such a point that the original PS2 version is superior in every way. Even the sound of walking on steal plates, like in Silent Hill 3, is made clunky and poorly recorded/put out. There is also a myriad of sound syncing issues. The game's voice track struggles to match the lips of the characters' mouths in an obvious and sad way. The sound of swinging a sword or shooting a gun is often lagged and plays noticeably later than it should. It's embarrassing, really.

Then there's the actual bugs and glitches. This game is a mess. It struggles frequently with frame rate issues. In Silent Hill 3, which has more enemies on screen at once, the game often slows to a crawl as the main character runs in slow motion. The screen will often jerk around while loading, and sometimes a simple action like moving the camera around will cause immense slow down and lag. It's sad when this supposed 'HD Collection' for the powerhouse systems of 2012 struggles to run this years old PS2 game. It boggles the mind.

Again, the games themselves are not actually bad. It's the port--this 'remastering' that is the stinker here, and man does it stink. It ruins the entire experience. For that reason, I highly recommend finding the PS2 originals. For Silent Hill 2, there is also an Xbox version which is better than this port. Both games also have PC versions, though they may be hard to find. Silent Hill 3, in particular, looks great on PC and will run well on most gaming rigs. So please, play these games...just pass on this 'collection'.

P.S. You wouldn't know it by this 'collection', but there is also a Silent Hill 4 for the

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Why all the Hate guys?

posted by MOONSTAR (WILTON, CA) Jul 3, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Silent hill HD collection provides Gamers to enjoy Silent hill 2 & 3 on next gen consoles. people complain about the controls and the claustraphobia inducing darkness and the camera angles, but ignore the good stuff.
Both games provide excellant stories, a number of both fun and irritating puzzles, a variety of scary monsters to battle and unforgettable characters.
To make things even better they enhanced the graphics and improved the Voice acting, making the games look and sound spiffy for the 360 and PS3. Some people complain about how the new voices dont fit the characters or that the graphics arent that good, but they are wrong. sure the graphics arent Resident evil 5 or Call of Duty good, but they fit the bill, and the voice acting? well thats their opinion. i personally have no problem with it.

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