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Clasic games

posted by Faerie_Knight (DUBUQUE, IA) Aug 14, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

These two are classic. I remember first playing Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. I remember thinking "Wow, even the fog looks realistic". Okay, so the graphics are a little dated now. But not as much as you might think. And at their core, this is two very good horror games. Games that helped redefine the survival horror genre and that scared a generation of gamers.

The puzzles can be fiendish, especially on higher difficulties. The monsters are disturbing. But the most horrific parts of these games aren't the monsters you're fighting. It's delving into the psyche of the main characters, and those they meet. It comes from piecing together what's going on.

These were good games when they came out. And they're still good games now. And as an added bonus, this also includes the X-Box special edition bonus storyline for Silent Hill 2 which takes place during the very beginning of, or maybe just before the main game.

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Ruined by bad controls

posted by denvermax (SYRACUSE, NY) Apr 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2009

I absolutely LOVED Homecoming and Downpour (as well as Shattered Memories on the Wii). Desperate for more Silent Hill, more fascinating monster designs, and more knowledge of the storylines in the SH universe, I went back to try this game. I tried both 2 & 3 and unfortunately could not stand to play either one for more than 20-30 minutes. You have no control over the camera angle, so half the time the camera is facing your character and you have no clue what you're walking into. Which, in a game where there could be monsters lurking around any corner, is an impossible way to play! I couldn't believe that they didn't realize the error in this when they made 2 and would have corrected it for 3. The fighting mechanics were pretty poor as well. In 2, the first monster you encounter has the lovely habit of very quickly slithering away once it's knocked down to the ground. And unfortunately it's absurdly difficult to kill it on the ground before it has a chance to slither off because for some reason pressing A doesn't automatically direct your attack downwards at the target - you have to keep pressing it and maybe by lucky chance after a few pointless swipes at the air your guy will finally decide to land a kick...if it hasn't gotten away by then. In 3 in particular, there seemed to be a very noticeable lag between when you hit A and when the character actually attacked, leaving you open to taking a ton of damage in the meantime.

Yes there is a ton of walking around and a ton of frustrating exploration where you just run into one blocked road after another and have to find alternate routes, but I got used to that with Homecoming & Downpour. It's obviously a staple of the franchise and I'm willing to deal with it. But when you have no control over the camera and spend so much time looking behind your character rather than at where you're headed, it makes it intolerable. Really disappointed that terrible mechanics ruined what could have been a really engrossing game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

its alright

posted by helenalife (HELENA, MT) Jan 13, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

You can't hold a game like this to today's standards so I gave it a high 6 even though I wasn't very interested.

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