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Silent Hill: Downpour


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Trying hard to be a good game

posted by topgamerscore (HOUSTON, TX) Apr 19, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

This game tried so hard to be great, but only reached decent. It seems like one of those ambitious projects that runs out of money or time halfway through. The combat is the worst part, especially the guns (the reticle constantly floats around even when standing still). There are limited types of generic enemies, and they just get really repetitive. One of the more cohesive storylines of the series, and good characters. Didn't hate playing this game, but didn't really enjoy it either. Could have been so much better.

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it was good

posted by wahoo21m (BELLEVILLE, PA) Apr 19, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

the game was good i have played every silent hill game that ever came out, and to be honest this game was good but it lacked like crazy in story line and cut scenes. i love the other silent hill games cause of how into the game you would get and how scary and sad and emotional they where. downpour hardly had much to do with story and it sure didn't get me feeling real into it, sure u got the guide lines of the story but it was nothing like past games where u talk to alot of people through out the game making you feel like you where really in the game and solving cases. the game seamed to be to short. all in all if this was the first silent hill game i ever played i would have thought twice about playing any of the others. and i give this game a 9 cause despite how short the game was and how much it lacked on the story/movies. the graphics where the best i seen on any game yet not just the silent hill games, it looks like u are controlling real people and the lip syncing is like dead on!

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Silent Hill: Downpour-It's better than Homecom

posted by Battleangel911 (TAYLOR, MI) Apr 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Silent Hill Downpour is the best to come out of the new team for the Silent Hill series. It is not as good as the previous games 1-3, but it was still an enjoyable title. The storyline was very gripping and the characters were engaging. The only questionable characters were the DJ and the mailman who I felt were not necessary to the plot.

The overall environment of the game was good, and the monsters were okay. However, the new team needs to work on being more disturbing. Old Silent Hill games were scary because they used disturbing images rather than jump scares. There were some disturbing monsters and images used in Downpour, but there could be a lot more added. The combat was decent and challenging. I liked being able to use different items as weapons, but there should be a space for a melee weapon, a pistol, and a shotgun. I had to drop my handgun when I had to pick up a fire ax to break boards on a door and then run back to the place where I dropped my handgun to pick it up again. The other thing I miss in combat is using the "foot stomp." In the previous games in the series, you could stomp or kick the fallen monster with your foot to stop it from convulsing. It's just one of the recognizable traits of Silent Hill games that the makers decided to take out ever since Homecoming for some reason. And one last thing, one of the most disturbing things about Silent Hill is the use of disturbing music and sounds. When monsters are around, there were always disturbing and unidentifiable sounds in the previous games. It was one of the scariest aspects of the game other than the disturbing images.

Overall, Silent Hill Downpour is a good game, and it kept me engaged and I would even play it a second time through. If the things I mentioned were fixed, the game might match with its predecessors.

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