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Above Average

Great Game Actually

posted by Panther2103 (MARYSVILLE, WA) Jul 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

So I enjoy Silent Hill games, all of them, 1 through Homecoming (though Homecoming not as much as the first 4). Based on the reviews I read this was set to be the worst in the series in my mind already, and it wasn't that bad at all.

The story of the game isn't the best in the series, but it does keep you entertained and wanting to continue. Basically you are Murphy, who is in prison for reasons unknown. He doesn't seem like the type to be in prison at all, he is nice, somewhat held back and doesn't seem to have any mental issues. He is being transferred to another penatentury and the bus crashes, allowing the prisoners to escape. The story unfolds from there and has a lot of very nice plot twists. The ending I got was considered the "Good" ending, and I thought it was a nice wrap up to the games story.

Graphically the game isn't that great. It looks nice but texture pop in occurs sometimes and there is horrid frame rate drops in some areas in the game.

The controls are another downside to the game. The team took into account the bad reviews from Homecoming for the ease of combat, and tried to do a mix between the easy combat and the combat of the older games with a very annoying block system that works half the time. Guns have a horrible aiming mechanic with a red dot laser that doesn't actually allow you to control it, that likes to jump around the enemy which yields bad results when fighting with a shotgun against 3 enemies.

All in all I would give it a try if you are a fan of the series, or just looking for a decent survival horror game. It does have a few scares, the enemies are very messed up looking and have that Silent Hill feel to them. Just don't go in expecting another Silent Hill 2. I don't know if Konami will ever produce another game that great.

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GF Rating


For American Silent Hill - Its not too bad.

posted by ilovebiohazard (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 5, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

I have played all of the Silent Hill games (even origins) and I can say this was not terrible. I liked how the developers/producers had his or her own take on the "Other world" and it was challenging on hard. The story was ok, not a total "mind blowing" but had its moments.
The thing I did not like was the total lack of a variety of monsters. I know the other Silent Hill games only had about 5 monsters you encounter on a daily basis, but the monsters in downpour seemed so boring and about 4 of them I thought we modeled after 1 monster which took the "scare" factor out - making it seem very repetitive.
All in all I would give this Silent Hill a 5 because the story was ok (not great), the monsters, and the music (sorry I love Mr. Yamaoka - it really makes the game).
Give it a try if you like Silent Hill - if you have never played... Give the first one to 4 a try.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good with puzzles on hard and fighting on low.

posted by Cevre12 (OGDEN, UT) Jun 27, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

The story line was really good and kept you interested, yet wasn't quite as gory or gruesome as past Silent Hill games.

The Fighting in this game was kind of annoying, although you usually had plenty of items to use in enemy encounters. the enemy AI kept them just out of reach and they leap ridiculously at the most inopportune times.

The "Other World" in this game is very frustrating. Its mostly just running away from some crazy vortex thing. Oh, and by running, i mean hoping you survive long enough to hit some sort of checkpoint.

If you want a game with a good scare factor though, this probably isn't your game.

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