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Silent Hill: Downpour


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posted by XtremGamer404 (LAUREL, IN) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I loved this game the story is amazing and it is the perfect length for a game i love the twist and turns and the puzzles this is AMAZING

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Very Good

Under the Helm of Downpour!

posted by stevenmoctezuma (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

I'm not sure if I enjoyed the game so much because it was truly entertaining, or because it was had many bad reviews. I'm going to go with a little of both. This game truly took me by surprise and didn't cease the excitement till the very end.

The Silent Hill series has gone down in recent years, with Homecoming, Shattered and Origins. The years we remember the horrors of Silent Hill 2 and wonder if we will ever get back to that. Not yet, but Downpour delivers.

The story line is confusing at first, as all Silent Hill games are, and the character you will come to have such a deep sympathy for. Murphy Pendleton gets in a car crash in the woods right outside Silent Hill and finds his way, through Devil's Pit all the way into Silent Hill to found out the mystery of his dead son and his own past. Who is Murphy? Well in this Silent Hill, they let you decide who he is: a killer or a victim?

I really appreciate the exploration of the outskirts of Silent Hill and the build up is timed perfectly to be perfectly eerie. Little aspects really shine throughout the game including shadows and popups, this one especially digs on the popups. They also are starting to detach, (torpidly), from the stiffness of all Silent Hills into a more fluid fight-or-flee mode, with better aiming as well. The graphics of this one are by far the best and you can explore the town of Silent Hill more thoroughly in this one. The story is sickeningly dark and the images become quite lurid keeping the horror aspect pristine and giving the famous shocking visuals of inferno.

It lacks what SH2 served so perfectly: a great ending. It had such cinematic mystery, but didn't deliver the conclusion justly at all! I found it quite abrupt as it doesn't let you finish the side quests before finishing the game and doesn't give you another chance so remember to finish those side quests!

Good game, right behind SH2 and 1, but better than the dullness of SH3 and the rest. Makes you wanna keep playin

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GF Rating

Very Good

Silent Hill Downpour review

posted by Belinsky911 (SLIDELL, LA) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Let me first start off at letting you guys know, don't listen to other reviews about this game being bad because at first I had friends who told me it was bad but after beating this game the ending had one of the best story ending in a game I have ever played. One thing people were right about this game is that the combat is a little off but once you get use to it it's really not that bad. The graphics are pretty nice and one of the pro's is that about evry street corner has weapons just hanging around so getting armed is not a threat at all. And if you are planning on playing this game the side quests are really fun to play and have to be completed. One last thing that I loved about this game is that throughout the game to find out more about yourself and what happened to your son, and why you ended up in prison in the first place. At first I had my concerns, but don't let that get in the way, and if you have ever played a Silent Hill game before in the past Silent Hill Downpour is a must play.

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