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Very Good

Scary good time.

posted by blqnyllow (AZLE, TX) Mar 13, 2012

Member since May 2011

21 out of 26 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

If I could I would give it a 8.5, all the negative reviews are disappointing. I enjoy this game so much more than I did Homecoming, yet it's "worse."

Silent Hill Downpour is a definite buy if you're a Silent Hill geek, which I am. The story is probably one of the best Silent Hill stories in a while, and it's very very similar to Silent Hill 2.
Just because the combat is clunky doesn't mean the game is complete trash. Homecoming focused on combat and people and reviewers complained about how it wasn't challenging. Yet Downpour focuses on everything except combat and it gets called garbage. The puzzles are pretty challenging and there are MANY of them aswell as side quests! I really like that Konami finally made a Silent Hill with free roam, and Downpour does a pretty good job at it. There are some areas will it will lag for a few seconds because it's loading the areas, but hey would you rather have a few seconds of lag or a 3 minute load screen? Exactly.

The soundtrack is still amazingly good and creepy. Sound effects can scare you more than the monsters sometimes! The other bad thing about this is the lack of monster variety. There's a total of 5 monsters, and each of them have about two different looks. Don't get me wrong there still really creepy, but I wish there was more of a variety in them.

But all in all I enjoy this game VERY much, and you should too! Don't listen to reviews, listen to yourself! It definitely did not deserve a 4.5 rating from IGN. I suggest you rent this game and give it a try though! Unless you are a fan of the series this game will definitely not disappoint you. And the end boss, is probably the best in the series. Breathtaking.

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Silent hill Downpour review

posted by evilfinchman (FALLBROOK, CA) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

A game with great intentions from a first time maker Vatra studios; Silent Hill Downpour is a great game and would be even better if it wasn't for the constant frame problems and unpolished finish. The game has quite a few jump scares that will get you, and you will feel quite nervous playing alone or with a few friends. However the main story lacked some of the disturbing moments the originals had. The graphics are a bit dated and there are moments where you feel like the creators just gave up and never even played through the game before putting it out on the shelves.
However the story is held up my murphy and a few very clever moments in the game. From making it rain inside a room to turning the world upside down; the puzzles are fun to play through. Fighting isn't as horrible as people say it is, but it still feels very unfair; which after a while can just feel a bit aggravating. Monster designs aren't as scary, but they work alright. AI isn't too horrible o anything. There are six endings including a spoof ending; but to be honest most of the endings just don't bring enough closure to the story. The side missions were terrifying to be honest and sometimes it overshadowed the actual main storyline. Over all the game was fun. I beat it in about ten hours without playing much of the side missions, but it seemed like there was plenty else to do. Rent, don't buy at full price, you'll feel robbed. buy when it's cheaper. 7
The goods:
-good character
-some interesting plot twists though endings seem to come up short
-fun to play through
-some good jump scares and some moments that are just very cleverly executed
-fighting could have been much more fluid
-seems to have some plot holes
-voice acting was a bit off
-facial expressions on everyone but murphy look awkward
-dated graphics and a lot of technical errors

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People have lost sight of the real genre.

posted by SuperHuman (YORK, SC) Mar 16, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

14 out of 19 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

I dont understand all the negativity surrounding this title. I think people have lost sight of what the real survival horror is about. Its about someone like us being in over his head and making the best of a bad situation, not a trained S.T.A.R.S operative.

Over the past 5 years all survival horror has been geared towards high paced action, so when a slow paced watch your back type game hits it bores alot of gamers.

For those that want that Dead Space or Resident Evil feel best leave this title alone. Silent Hill is true to the genre, kinda like Alan Wake.

For those that have been ready for a game that is slow paced, good puzzles and creepy sounds and feel, then this the game you been waiting on.

To each there own, as a gamer I hope everyone finds that title that suits their playing style however I just think Developers use the term survival horror a bit loosely.

Just because a game has zombies or demons doesnt make it survival horror if you have amillion weapons and insane hand to hand combat training lol. That makes it an action/shooter.

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