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A must play

posted by eharvey_4 (POMPANO BEACH, FL) Jun 5, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I don't know about anyone else, but I loved this game. It is not at all scary like the previous ones, but it does have a good story to it. I am a mother of an 8 month old and don't have time to play much, but it took me a total of 15 hours to play the game. I've played all the previous ones and this one is at the top of my list.

Great game.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Flailmorpho (OREGON CITY, OR) May 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Silent Hill: Downpour was an intentional curve in the road for the series, while dropping the wait-till-the-end-for-anything-to-make-a-darn-bit-of-sense plot, it substitutes with a normal, progressivee plot developement. Here's my review

Story: oookay so this is going to irk some people that you choose weather you're guilty or not. You play as prisoner Murphey Pendleton, in the beginning you are escorted into the showers to kill someone you don't know. He reacts in fear and tries to makes the player feel guilty about killing him. (worked on me) We are given an it-was-all-a-dream like in the beginning of 3/homecoming. We then get escorted out of the prison, onto a bus to meet our antagonist, a cop with a mysterious beef with Murphey. After crashing in silent hill's outskirts you become free to roam sections of the town to slowly have Murphey give you the whole story

Gameplay: Thank god I can run, the fighting in this game was purposefully hard and really only got annoying at the end when you were forced to fight creatures.Puzzles range from simple to complex, and are pretty inventive. It's nice to see easter eggs from time to time. The physics engine can easily break the tention, for example when I got my frying pan stuck running up and down a wall. The side quests can be confusing at times when you have no idea what you're doing. All in all it's good.

Music: Not Akira, which makes me sad, however the intro music is pretty catchy.

Graphics/Asthetic: The graphics are very detailed and drive home all the senses of dread you'd expect from Silent Hill, although new areas and turning the camera quickly can lower the graphics quality for a second or two.

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GF Rating


The first Silent Hill worth playing

posted by Thanatopsis (FAIRBANKS, AK) May 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I don't understand all the negative reviews. This is a good game. Yes, it does have some frame rate problems, but most of them are barely distracting. Yes, the combat is a bit sluggish, but this is not action horror. This is an old-school adventure game, in many ways more akin to an Infocom text game than Dead Space and the like. The monsters are creepy and add a few jolts to the game. Then you smack them a few times and move on with the exploring and puzzle solving.
Maybe I enjoy this game so much because it is one of the first Silent Hill games I can actually control.
I only just tried Silent Hill 1 a few months ago. It is decent, but the outdated controls and graphics suck a lot of the atmosphere and fun from the game. I tried the HD versions of 2 and 3, and the bad controls and horrible camera angles made them impossible for me to play.
Origins was the first one that had a decent control scheme, although the fixed camera was still a little weak. Overall that game was decent, but Downpour is much better. Homecoming looked promising but without an inverted-Y option I died every 2 seconds on easy. It was unplayable and no fun at all.
Finally a Silent Hill with great controls, decent graphics, and a good (if not original or unpredictable) plot. It is creepy and trippy and a lot of fun to play.
Now I just wish they would completely remake 1-3 with this engine, and fix the few minor glitches.

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