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GF Rating

Very Good

Silent Hill with slack

posted by SilentHillSF (JANESVILLE, WI) Jul 26, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

The Dev Vatra games did a very lazily job and took the Silent Hill series...and promised us (the Silent Hill community) to "revive the series to bring it back up to it's former potential. but all we get is another good....but slacking Silent Hill game....first of all....the technical performance......the game runs on the Unreal Engine 3....the SAME engine the powers graphical and technical performing god-like powerhouses like the BioShock series and the Gears of War series...but.....there are repeated use of objects....frame rate issues and texture pop-ins and i wouldn't really mind it if this game was made back in like.....2007?....but in 2007..Silent Hill: Homecoming came out with actually suprising graphics and sound but here the graphics and the underwhelming sound don't live up to the fact that it's now 2012....not 2007....the combat also feels out of place.....the combat feels like a mixture of Condemned and Assassin's Creed except that it's half-baked....meaning that it feels unfinished....but I'm not saying it bad...the combat is good it's just that the mechanics could've been better than they already are....and the story and the protaganist are good but only if they could've been deeper as in having less....slack....even the monsters....(sigh of frustration) disappointing....but the game does raise tension but....fails to execute ways of inducing fear on the player......but the game does have good music and interesting locales that are fun to explore and the introduction of side-quests...but only 3 of the 12 were fun for me....the others were boring, boring, and boring....Silent Hill: Downpour is a good game...if you read my review you should give it a try....

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great premise and gameplay - oddly unsatisfying

posted by Tirade (GLENDALE, CA) Jun 12, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Oct 2009

First and foremost - I found DOWNPOUR strangely empty of meaningful things to discover and interact with - the game encourages you to explore and solve puzzles, but the rewards of doing so are mostly unsatisfying.

(spoiler) Example, there is a long and fascinating puzzle sequence where you have to find three different film clips and enter each film world, interact with objects in each world and then splice the three clips together to open a mysterious chest. Sounds great, but when you finally get the chest open, all you get is a PISTOL that's a little better then your current pistol - and ammo is so scarce in the game, what was the point?

The whole game feels like this. A large, interesting, creepy town to explore and all you ever find are more weapons, more healthkits and the occasional note.

There are some good bits and spooky moments, but all-in-all this feels like a wasted opportunity. They could have really saturated the city with interesting and meaningful things to find and interact with.

The COMBAT is just right for a horror game, the controls are mushy and clumsy and makes each encounter a tense, harrowing affair, with victory uncertain.

The STORY was lame in my opinion. I could care less about the tortured past of this Murphy guy. The cursed town of SILENT HILL is what is interesting - I wish the story was about the town and offered some new insight into the cataclysm that led to it's downfall.

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GF Rating


A must play

posted by eharvey_4 (POMPANO BEACH, FL) Jun 5, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I don't know about anyone else, but I loved this game. It is not at all scary like the previous ones, but it does have a good story to it. I am a mother of an 8 month old and don't have time to play much, but it took me a total of 15 hours to play the game. I've played all the previous ones and this one is at the top of my list.

Great game.

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